Colourpop Cosmetics ~ Swatches and Review


By now everyone probably already heard about Colourpop Cosmetics and possibly owned most, but not all of the famous Lippie Stix and Super Shock Shadows. All the hyped by beauty gurus on Youtube and beauty bloggers about this company is so intriguing that I decided to jump on the bandwagon and OMG is it amazing and the best part, it is so affordable! All of their lippie stix and shadows are USD5.00 and they just released a series of blushes recently at USD8.00. For the price range, these products are highly pigmented, high quality, has a wide range of colors and I really like the simple packaging. It’s phenomenal.

Me personally, I’m a lipstick gal and I love all of the colors they have. There are five finishes and they are matte, satin, glossy, hyper-glossy, and pearlized. My favorites are satin, matte and glossy. The glossy and hyper-glossy finished are ingenious in my opinion, because it’s basically a lip gloss in a stick form with really high pigmentation so you can wear it on its own. Genius! I only owned 2 of the lippie stix and lip pencils and I absolutely love it. I am already planning to get more tho. Haha! I went with the neutral shades just to try out the finished and how they wear on the lips.These lippie stix are so creamy and they feel really good on the lips. So far, I’m impressed! 😉


DSC00240 ( Right to left: Lippie Stix Skimpy (glossy), Button (satin), lip pencil Button and Bound)

Skimpy is more of a pale nude, where as Button is a peachy nude and Button will look really good on any skin color. However, Button lip pencil is a totally different color than the lippie stix because it is more brown than a peachy nude, where as Bound is a more muted mauve color, perfect if you want the Kylie Jenner lip.

Just like the lippie stix, I went with neutral shades too with the shadows. Their shadows are really unique tho, because it has like a spongy, bouncy foam texture which I kinda like btw. The shadows are so soft, highly pigmented and the color payoff is on point. And because of the texture of these shadows, it is best to apply using your fingers or with a synthetic brush for a high color payoff. DSC00245 DSC00248

[Left to right: Bandit (satin), Smash (satin), Desert (satin), Mittens (matte)]

Overall, this is a good company that makes very high quality products and are comparable to high end too. The best part, all of their products are between USD5.00 to USD8.00. How amazing is that?! Even for someone on a budget, they can afford it. I definitely am going to get more of the lippie stix and their blushes. I could do a lip swatch post with all the lippie stix I get in the near future if you guys are interested. Leave a comment below if you want to see it. 🙂

Thanks for reading! XOXO


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