Colourpop Cosmetics ~ Lippie Stix Review and Swatches


Hello lovelies! So I’ve been away from the blogging world for a really long time, by that I mean 4 days long. Heh! I was gonna do a fashion post for the next blog post after Tip Tuesday, but it has been raining all week long and it’s been cold again during those days and I was stuck indoors trying to figure out what to do for my next post. That was when I decided to play with my Colourpop Cosmetics lippie stix. I know that I’ve already did a blog post on this brand awhile back and showed some swatches of the shadows and a couple of the lippie stix and also did an eye makeup look using the shadows. I also mentioned that I was gonna get more of the lippie stix because I am obsessed with them. So on today’s post, I am going to share with you my in depth thoughts about these lippie stix. I feel like I wore them enough to share with you how I feel about some of the finishes and stuff. I also will be showing you lip swatches on each individual lippie stix. 🙂

DSC00533 From left to right: Bossy(matte), Heart On(matte) , I ❤ This(matte), Punky(satin), Brink(matte), Frida(satin), Bound(glossy), Button(satin), Cookie(matte), Skimpy(glossy)

I went ahead and ordered eight more of the the lippie stix and chose most of the nudes and neutrals since those are the colors which I usually wear daily and also a few of the bright colors to try out. 4 more nudes and 4 bright colors to be exact. I know I’ve already said this and I’ll say it again; these lippie stix are so super pigmented and they only cost USD5.00 each! And yes, I do want to get MORE colors just because I am super obsessed with each and every one of the stixs I owned. There are 6 different finishes for the lippie stix and they are matte, satin, glossy, hyper-glossy, pearlized and cream. I think that the cream finish is a new one so I have not tried that one yet. The matte and satin finishes are my favorite by far. I think they are the best compared to the other finishes that colourpop have. The matte finishes are so creamy and glide on easily on the lips which I like and it doesn’t feel drying on the lips, unlike some matte lipsticks do. The matte finishes has a much longer staying power and the pigmentation is amazing. The satin finish is similar too and they actually feel moisturizing on the lips which is awesome. However, I don’t really care for the glossy finish because I feel like the product slides around so much and it gets messy when I applied it. Ugh! My lips were so raw halfway through the lip swatches, which is a good thing right, that means the pigmentation is amazing and you probably need the hammer of Thor to remove it from your lips. Hahaha!


I know I spelled the color Frida wrongly. Oops! Some of the colors do not show true to color on my lips than in the tube. I think it was because of the lighting. But, I still think that these colors are so beautiful. So obsessed! I know I’ve said that word a lot but heck, if you own any of these lippie stix you will understand why. 😛 I hope you like my little review on Colourpop Cosmetics lippie stix. I know you probably have read and watched a lot of these Colourpop Cosmetics reviews and swatches and already am tired of reading about them, but this are my thoughts on it and I really like this brand. It is so affordable and the color range are phenomenal. Leave me in the comments below about what you think and tell me which are your favorites if you own any. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!XOXO


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