“I Like Golddd!”







DSC00562 [ New Look Tshirt (similar), Old Navy Sweetheart Jeans, Gold flats (similar), Charles & Keith Purse, F21 Necklace ]

Can you guess what movie the title of the blog is from? If you guess its Austin Powers Goldmember than you’re right my friend! This is basically what I wore all the time, to run errands and stuff like that, slouchy tees with jeans and flats. I’d call this the “Liha Uniform”. It’s so comfortable, and the lightweight material of the tee gives a relaxed feel to this look. I actually didn’t realized that I was matching my accessories with my shoes and there are also gold detailing on the bag hence the title for this post. I really like gold accessories. Maybe because I’m warmed toned and gold compliments my skin really well. Yes I know, I looked like I have a belly but I really don’t. It is just the way I was standing. It’s a habit! Haha! I really gotta work on that.

I found out that the Sweetheart jeans from Old Navy fits best out of all the fit they have, partly because the Sweetheart fit caters to girls who are a lil bit curvy at the bottom and I definitely have some of that. The Rockstar jeans are my favorite too since it is for all shapes so that works for me also. So, if you are looking for good jeans at an affordable price, check Old Navy out. 🙂

I hope y’all have a good day and thanks for reading!XOXO


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