Tip Tuesday: How to get Longer and Healthy Lashes


Tip of the day: How to get longer and healthy lashes!

VASELINE! Did you guess it? I’m sure everyone have a tub of Vaseline lying around or hidden some where in your house. Can you believe it that Vaseline can help your lashes to grow longer and healthier? I do! I’ve done it ever since I saw a magazine article when I was 16. I definitely see a difference in my lashes. They are longer than they used to be and I realized that they are much fuller. You know how Asian lashes could be.

This method might not work on everyone. It varies from person to person. It might work really well on others or some people would not even see results. Vaseline, also know as petroleum jelly works well as a moisturizer. It provide excellent conditioning and moisturization for dry, brittle lashes. Applying Vaseline to your lashes also aids in strengthening newer lashes grow in thicker and for some, longer.

It is very easy to apply Vaseline to your lashes. You can use your fingers or use a clean unused mascara wand to apply it. You only need very little. Rub or gently graze Vaseline on your lashes, concentrating the product more on the base of your lashes and spread the remaining product all over your lashes. If you’re using a mascara wand, just apply it like how you would apply your mascara.

Do this at night before you go to bed. It will just add another 10 seconds on top of your night time skincare routine. Why this is best when do at night is because, you will less likely to rub it off and your lashes stays moisturize through out the night. If you wanna do this during the day too is fine, but just don’t do this before you apply your mascara, unless you want to look like a raccoon then sure! Haha! Yeah, you don’t want to deal with mascara smudges the entire day.

Do this every night to see results. Some people would start seeing results after two weeks and for some could be a few months. Even if you don’t see results, at least you know that the Vaseline is making your lashes healthy and strong.

I hope this was useful and comment below if you’ve tried this trick and if it actually works for you. Have a good rainy day and thanks for reading!XOXO


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