My Favorite Spring Lipsticks! (Mostly Drugstore)

Now that spring and almost summer weather is upon us, it’s time to bust out all of our favorite spring/summer lipsticks! I don’t know about you guys, but I love wearing vibrant colored lipsticks this time of the year. Pinks, corals, reds and also basic nudes! Heck, you can wear vibrant colored lipsticks even if it is not spring and summer time. I just think that wearing bright colored lipsticks during this time of the year reflects the floral and bright clothing you wear even more and it is so pretty. Bright colored lipsticks could also be a form of accessories if you are wearing something casual. If I have to choose only one makeup item to own, it definitely will be lipsticks! I will have them in all different shades of pinks and reds and nudes so it could match my outfits. Yes, I am a lipstick junkie if you can’t tell already! 😉 I’m gonna share with you my favorite nudes and pinks and a couple of bright lipsticks that I definitely will be rocking this season. Continue reading “My Favorite Spring Lipsticks! (Mostly Drugstore)”