My Trip To Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.


Hey lovlies, I just got back from a much-needed week-long vacation to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  As many of you already know, I’m originally from Singapore and even lived in Guam for about a year or so.  But, this is the first time, since moving to the East Coast U.S. that I’ve been to a tropical beach.  And let me tell you, it was wonderful.  I started off very fair (looking a bit yellow), but after just a couple days, I was 50 Shades of Morena darker (luckily for me, I bought the darker concealer before the trip).

My husband and I like a bit of adventure, and our last real vacation was a trip to Colorado in 2013 where we were hiking around the mountains all day, every day.  But on this trip, both of us wanted to just relax by the beach and listen to the waves.

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort (our first time) and the weather was nearly perfect the entire time.  The food was a bit disappointing the first couple days until we figured out that the buffet is the way to go, and the ocean was red-flagged when we arrived.

Embarrassing confession time.  Despite being born and raised on an island, I never learned how to swim.  The husband has tried to teach me a couple times, but either he’s a bad teacher, I’m a bad student, or a little bit of both.  So, long-story-short … big waves intimidate me.  And the first time we went in the water, we got hit hard and I nearly got swept out to sea.

After a couple days, it went to green flag, and with a bit of prodding from the hubbie, I got back in the water and it was wonderful.  The pools were like bath water, and when the yellow flags came out, we just went there (seems a bit of a waste though to go to a beautiful beach just to sit at the pool).  I also finally learned how to float and do the back stoke.  Yay Me!!  If only I’d learned 20 years earlier 😉

The resort had nightly entertainment where we got to see cirque du soleil style performances and several different dance shows.  They had a great Michael Jackson impersonator and the traditional Dominican dances were amazing.

It was a ton of fun, and even though neither my husband or I drink, the all-inclusive resort seemed to be well worth the money.

After a week, we were fully rested, and were mugged by reality when we reached the U.S.:  delayed flight, secondary searches by immigration, and another delayed flight meant we were just glad to actually make it home.

I’m already trying to plan the next vacation, whenever that may be (hopefully not another two year wait).  My alabaster husband never learns from his burns and wants to head back to the Caribbean.  Any places you recommend?  Preferably Western Hemi, as the East side only works if it’s when I’m heading home to visit the fam.

Here are some pictures from the trip. Not a lot of outfit pics as I wasn’t feeling very dressy.  Sorry for the lack of fashion choices and I know there’s not many pics below (most of the time our phones and camera were back in the room).







Picture1 [This is actually me swimming, I swear! Pic edited to maintain my modesty ;)]

P.S.  I was having trouble starting this post, and asked my husband for help.  He ended up writing the whole thing, pretending to be me.  Could any of you tell the difference?  Maybe he should be a beauty blogger 😛


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