Back to Basics









DSC01049 [F21 Top (similar), Pull and Bear Flare Jeans (similar), Guess Wedges (similar) and Bag, Michael Kors Watch, Kate Spade Bangles]

If I really do not know what to wear for that day or just don’t feel like dressing up, I always go back to the basics; t-shirt and jeans. Even though it is just a basic t-shirt and jeans look, I like that this everyday look is a little bit different. Like the top I’m wearing, it has a raw cut at the bottom of the t-shirt and it has that high-low style which I like, cos it covers the bum. And can we just talk about the jeans for a second? I love this jeans not just for the distressed details on it, but because it is flared. Flared jeans can look really cute on if done right. I like that the jeans doesn’t start the flare around the ankles because it could make you look even shorter if you are small and it would be called bell-bottoms instead. The flare on this starts from around the calves therefore it gives a balanced look to the jeans and gives an illusion of longer legs. And this is why I like it because it makes me look taller and I’m not really that tall (5″4). Paired it with some platform heels or wedges and you are ready to take on the day! 🙂

Thanks for reading!XOXO


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