I turned 25!










DSC01064 [Dress H&M,similar(1,2,3), Charles and Keith heels (similar), Kate Spade Bracelets]

I turned 25! Yesterday was my birthday and like every birthday celebration I had ever since I’m with the love of my life, we celebrated our birthdays and other special occasions at Outback for dinner. It is one of our favorite restaurants when it comes to steak, because their prime ribs are really good and we never had a bad experience with it… maybe one time, when they were out of prime ribs. Haha!

I didn’t shop for a birthday dress this year because I’m sort of in a shopping rut and nothing appeals to me. I bought this dress months ago for Valentine’s Day but have not worn it so I thought this dress would be perfect for my birthday dress. I love the vibrant blue and the lace detailing on the dress makes the whole look really feminine and sexy at the same time. Couple it with some delicate accessorizes like this Kate Spade bracelets and some ribbon studs to finish the look. This Charles and Keith heels has been my go to shoes lately. I love the faux snake skin texture and really liking the stiletto heels. And because it is in a neutral color, it is the perfect basic shoes and you can paired it with anything.

As I get older, I don’t really care for extravagant birthday parties, or gifts. I just wish for myself that I stay healthy, live a prosperous life and happy always. :)I hope everyone is having a great long weekend and Happy Memorial Day! Thanks for reading!XOXO


8 Replies to “I turned 25!”

  1. Love that dress – classic, yet with a bit of a pop. The color looks great on you, too!

    25 was a great year. Enjoy your 20s… I’m late in mine and my favorite memories have become the random good times where I said “yes” and logically, probably should have said no, ha. Happy birthday!!

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