June Beauty Favorites


Hi guys!

It’s that time of the month again (not that kind), where I share with you some of my beauty favorites and other stuffs that I’ve been loving in the month of June. I can’t believe that June is already over. We made it to half of the year already and it seems like to me, those past months just flew by so quickly. Don’t you think so? Continue reading “June Beauty Favorites”


Tip Tuesday: DIY Teeth Whitening


Hello everyone!

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday. On this week’s Tip Tuesday, I will be sharing with you another DIY. I have been into the DIY kick lately, and have been looking through the internet and also Pinterest on some of the beauty “Do It Yourself” projects that I could try out at home. One of the DIYs that I came across was really interesting and I thought I would share it with you today. Continue reading “Tip Tuesday: DIY Teeth Whitening”

Top 10 Nude Lipsticks: Drugstore and Affordable Options


Hello Everyone!

Wow! Two post in one day? I must be on a roll huh? Well, I have pre-planned my blog post and some of them are just sitting in my “to blog” folder, waiting to be publish. And, I’ve decided to work on my blog after my pre-dawn meal. That’s why some of my posts goes up really early. Since I have some free time in the afternoon, I’ll take advantage of it and write more, and also make up for my lack of post. Anyways, enough rambling. Today I will be sharing with you my favorite nude lipsticks from the drugstore. I know some people would think that it is difficult to find good nude lipsticks at the drugstore, hence, resulting to making expensive purchases for a high end brand. I used to think that way too, but then I realized that spending $15 to $30 bucks on A lipstick is ridiculous. How did I ever justify paying so much money for ONE lipstick. Although, you get what you pay for, so that’s not too bad. Continue reading “Top 10 Nude Lipsticks: Drugstore and Affordable Options”

Tip Tuesday: 3 Simple DIYs Tips to Try at Home

Hello everyone!

I know I’ve been slacking on posts for a few days, and it is totally not my fault. If you follow me on twitter (which you should ;)), you would already know that I do not have any access to the internet eversince we got hit by a major thunderstorm last Saturday. It took out our phone lines, cable and our internet. The mister and I have been sitting around reading like the olden days. Oh, how spoilt we are by modern technology. But, at least I still have 4G. And so, I’m typing away on my phone, trying not to miss Tip Tuesday. Continue reading “Tip Tuesday: 3 Simple DIYs Tips to Try at Home”