Indigo Dreams: Featuring a Summer Staple







DSC01297 [ Cotton On Dress(old, similar here), Similar Denim Jacket, JustFab Casey Sandals, JustFab Gil Crossbody, Michael Kors Watch]

The denim jacket. It is one of my must-have fashion staple in my wardrobe. Why I love this particular piece of clothing is because it is versatile, functional, and basically it goes well with everything. Pair it with maxi dresses, sun dresses, rompers or jumpsuits and it will look great. Why I said it’s a summer staple, is because it is light enough that you could wear it during the day without over heating and also perfect to wear during the chill summer nights.

I would like to get a denim vest too, because I like the more rugged look, and like the denim jacket, it looks great when paired with dresses. I’m planning to do more looks with the denim jacket to give you some ideas on how you could style it or what you could pair it with. So stay tuned for that. 🙂 I hope everyone have a good day and thanks for reading!XOXO


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