Tip Tuesday: My Beach Bag Essentials


Summer vacation is coming! Who’s excited? I know I am. I’ve been going to our neighborhood pool ever since it opens during memorial day, but, I need to take a break from the pool since fasting month is starting this Thursday for us Muslims. I have so much plan for this summer. I want to go back country camping, hiking, go hang out at the pool or the beach, or go to themed parks. There is so much to do during the summer time. Although, I probably would just hang out by the pool most of the time. Haha! So I thought, I would share with you some of my beach bag essentials. These are the things I usually bring with me when I go to the beach or the pool. I might switch up things here and there, depending on what I need or don’t need. Some of the things I mentioned may not be relevant to you, or if you think you might need it, feel free to add those things in your beach bag. Let’s jump right into it shall we?

1) Beach Bag

You gotta have a beach bag. Or else how are you going to carry your stuff with. There are a lot of beach bags or tote bags that are cute and affordable. You do not need to to splurge on a really expensive ones since it’s gonna get dirty and filled with sand anyway. You need a beach bag that is durable and you don’t mind it getting to rough up. Target has some nice ones like here and here.

2) Super Large Beach Towels

Towels are an essential item when you go to the pool or the beach. You need a towel to dry yourself off, use it as mat for laying on the beach or pool chairs and so on. You got the idea. I like bringing cute beach towels with me like this one here.

3) Sunscreen

A must! Always have a bottle or two of sunscreen in your beach bag, because even if you are not taking a dip in the water, you tend to sweat just sitting under the hot sun, therefore it is important to reapply your sunscreen every two or three hours. Or reapply your sunscreen when you are out of the water if you plan to stay at the beach or pool longer. These are my favorite sunscreens I use for the body (here and here)and face (here).

4) Sunglasses

You really need a pair of sunglasses when you are at the beach or pool to protect your eyes from the blazing rays. You can always be adventurous and try out different classic shapes or fun colors. Here and here.

5) Beauty Pouch

I would always have a pouch with me where I keep all of my beauty products and necessities in there like lipbalm, hand sanitizer, hair clips and hair ties, a small facial mist like the Evian Mineral Spray and a small pack of wet wipes. Wet wipes are pretty much an essential item for me where ever I go, because you could clean your hands with it, wipe your face with it your just clean yourself in general. Hygiene is really important.

6) Music

Summer tunes on repeat when hanging out at the beach or the pool. Definitely need music or some form of entertainment to keep you from feeling too bored.

7) Reading Materials

I recommend light reading materials, such as magazines or a novel. Kindle or a nook would work well too.

8) Money Pouch

You wouldn’t want to carry your whole wallet with you to the beach and risk it being stolen. Use a small pouch that you can just throw it in your beach bag with some cash for when you go to get something to eat or drink.

9) Bottle of Water

Need to keep yourself hydrated at all times, especially if you are spending all afternoon under the sun. It helps you prevent from getting light headed or nausea.

10) Coverups and Hats

Keep a coverup dress or like a sarong in your beach bag in case you need to grab a bite or be more modest when walking along the boardwalk. And do not forget your hat too. That way you won’t get sunburn on your scalp because that would not be fun if it happens.

I hope you enjoy my tips on what to bring in your beach bag. Some of the stuffs are pretty straight forward, but even the simplest things like sunscreen or a hat, we might forget once in a while. Thanks for reading!XOXO


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