Top 10 Nude Lipsticks: Drugstore and Affordable Options


Hello Everyone!

Wow! Two post in one day? I must be on a roll huh? Well, I have pre-planned my blog post and some of them are just sitting in my “to blog” folder, waiting to be publish. And, I’ve decided to work on my blog after my pre-dawn meal. That’s why some of my posts goes up really early. Since I have some free time in the afternoon, I’ll take advantage of it and write more, and also make up for my lack of post. Anyways, enough rambling. Today I will be sharing with you my favorite nude lipsticks from the drugstore. I know some people would think that it is difficult to find good nude lipsticks at the drugstore, hence, resulting to making expensive purchases for a high end brand. I used to think that way too, but then I realized that spending $15 to $30 bucks on A lipstick is ridiculous. How did I ever justify paying so much money for ONE lipstick. Although, you get what you pay for, so that’s not too bad.

Being a total lipstick junkie that I am, I’ve discovered a lot of gems at the drugstore for the past couple of years and they have been my must have or go to lipstick till this day. For the price, they are pretty affordable and I don’t have to feel guilty for buying so much lipsticks.

Here are my top 10 nude lipsticks:


1) Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer in Comet

Even though this is not your typical nude, it has a brown hue to it which I like. I like darker nudes like this because I think it compliments my skin well. You’ll see that a lot of my nude lipsticks has a brown or mauve undertone to it, as compared to like a flesh tone nude. This lip lacquer is so smooth and it does not feel drying on the lips. It applies glossy but, dries off as a semi-matte finish.

2) Kate No. 14 by Rimmel London

This is a nice dark tone taupe beige lipstick with cool undertones. This could pass as a nude depending on skin color. This is perfect for achieving the 90’s grunge look. This color is similar to (not dupe) MAC Stone lipstick. This is a satin finish.

3)Rimmel London Nude Delight

This is a dupe for MAC Shy Girl. I love the consistency of the formula and it is really moisturizing on the lips. This is a satin finish.

4) Rimmel London Airy Fairy

The perfect nude pink lipstick at the drugstore. It is so creamy and does not feel dry on the lips. Although, I heard some say that this is a discontinued product, but sometimes I still see it at the drugstore. Either way, you should grab this quick and buy more for backups. This has a satin finish.

5) NYX Stockholm

Another nude lipstick with brown undertones. The NYX soft matte lip creams are the best in my opinion, because the formula is so creamy and has really good pigmentation. Because it is a matte lipstick, it does feel a little bit dry on the lips.

6) NYX Athens

This is similar to NYX Stockholm, but it has a bit of a pink undertone to it. This color would look like a flesh tone nude against my skin, but paired it with a darker lip liner and it would look perfect. This is a matte finish.

7) Wet and Wild Mega Last Matte Lipstick in Bare it All 902C

This is the perfect matte nude lipstick in the drugstore. Although it is a darker tone nude, I think any skin tone can pull this off. The Wet and Wild Mega Last Matte Lipstick range in amazing. It has tons of different shades to choose from and it is only $1.99, depending on where you get them. You literally could buy all the colors. I must say, it feels drying upon application, but as soon as the product warms up on your lips, it applies really smoothly.

8) Wet and Wild Mega Last Matte Lipstick in In The Flesh 912C

Another Wet and Wild lipstick that is in my top 10. It’s from the same line but this one is a more mauve nude color. This is my “Your Lips But Better” color and is perfect for an everyday wear and it matches any skin tone.

9) Colourpop Frida

Though this is not a drugstore product, I included it in my top 10 because it only cost $5. A mauve nude pink lipstick. This could be “Your Lips but Better” color lipstick for some skin tones and also a perfect everyday color. It is really creamy and it smells like vanilla. It also has a lip liner of the same shade. If you are a lip liner gal, you could wear the lip liner and the lipstick together. This is a satin finish.

10) Colourpop Brink

Another your lips but better color but with a warm taupe brown undertones to it. Need I say more? This is a matte finish.

Here is a closeup swatches on my lips, so you could see how the color looks like when applied.


I hope this is useful for those who are looking for affordable nude lipsticks. There are tons at the drugstore, but you just need to be patient when picking out the right shade. Try different ones and eventually you’ll find that perfect shade for you. Thanks for reading!XOXO


2 Replies to “Top 10 Nude Lipsticks: Drugstore and Affordable Options”

    1. Yes. I look it up too. I checked Ulta, and they dnt have it either. But I think I found a site that maybe sells the shade. It’s It is a lil bit pricey on that site tho.
      Thanks for the comment. 🙂


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