4th of July Weekend











DSC01548 [Red Lace Top, Flared Jeans (similar), Black Strappy Wedge Sandals (similar), Kate Spade Bangles]

Happy 4th of July guys! How was your 4th of July celebration? We basically didn’t do anything interesting except to go watch the fireworks by a baseball stadium near us. Quite disappointing actually, because the fireworks was going to start after the game was over, and it stretched on and on for the next 2 hours. Most of the people that went to watch the fireworks left, because it was getting incredibly late, and they probably gave up waiting. It was almost 11pm, when we decided to give up too and go home. And, they were still in the middle of the 13th inning! *pulls hair*

Of course, as soon as we left, they started the fireworks. Like seriously? Haha! We got to see some of it when we were in the car, while waiting in traffic. Because it was so foggy last night, the fireworks were barely visible. I think if we continued to wait, we probably won’t get to see it from where we were. Last year, we were in Nebraska, at my in-law’s lake house, when we celebrated Independence Day and the fireworks were so much better.

Enough ranting. I hope your day is going well so far, and thanks for reading!XOXO


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