Tip Tuesday: DIY Homemade Hair Mask

Hey Ya’ll!

Today’s Tip Tuesday, I’ll be sharing with you 2 simple DIY homemade hair masks that you can try at home. What prompted me to do this post was because of my hair. I noticed that my hair is getting pretty dull, and the ends are very dry and brittle from the long hours spending in the pool and also from me bleaching my hair numerous times which makes it so unhealthy.

Here are two easy homemade hair masks I’ve tried and these hair masks are going to work well too for the winter months.

1) Coconut Oil


You guess it! Yes, coconut oil is one of the easiest and simple hair mask to do at home. This jar of goodness is an excellent deep conditioner for your hair. All you need is coconut oil (has to be in its liquid state) and you can apply this to dry or wet hair. Leave it on for a few hours and you can continue going about your day. You can also do this treatment overnight, but make sure you wear a shower cap, or put a towel over your pillow since coconut oil can leave stains on linens. Wash your hair as per normal and your hair will feel soft and lustrous. I do not like the scent of coconut oil, but that feeling you get when your hair is silky soft is all worth it.

2) Olive oil, Yogurt and Honey Mask

stock-photo-53662472-olive-oil   stock-photo-17952552-greek-yogurt-with-honey

I recently found out about this hair mask while I was on Pinterest. I was looking for some other hair masks to try out other than just using coconut oil. I was skeptical at first about putting honey in my hair but, little did I know that honey is actually good for hair. Not only is it good as a face masks, but honey has properties that helps to restore lifeless, dull looking hair.

Olive oil however, helps to hydrates hair and acts as a natural hair conditioner for your hair. This is good for brittle, dry and damaged hair like mine, and it also gives a healthy glow. And yogurt helps to softens hair. I find it ingenious to add all three ingredients together to create a deep conditioning hair mask that provides all the benefits and properties that my hair needs.

Ingredients for olive oil, yogurt and honey mask:

-1 tsp olive oil

-1 Tbsp honey

-1/4 cup of yogurt

I hope this is useful for my girls who are battling with dry, damaged hair like I am. There are always solutions to everything, we just need to look for it and try out which ones works best and caters to our needs. Have a lovely day!XOXO

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