Tip Tuesday: How to Find your Style for Beginners


“What is style really?” “How do I develop my own sense of style?”- These are just some of the questions that one would ask themselves regarding fashion. For starters, fashion and style are two different things but similar in some ways. Fashion is more about looks that are popular in a specific period and time, whereas Style, is about expressing your individuality through clothes. Fashion gives you inspiration and ideas to find and explore your personal style.

For me, my fashion sense or style does not happen overnight. Sure I did have some fashion mishaps while I was younger and I was just following popular trends that others are doing, because I do not and have not develop my own style yet. But as I get older, I slowly learn and experiment with fashion, and buy or wear clothes that suits me, my personality and individuality. I learn from watching people, looking through fashion magazines, reading and just looking at new trends and incorporate that into my style. I now can say that I have a pretty good style and fashion sense. I wear what I want and most importantly, to wear it with confidence.

So here are my tips for my new fashionistas out there:

1) Research & Explore

Do your research. Read up about some of the current fashion trends that are happening. Look up pictures of fashionistas wearing that particular trend to get an idea how they style and wear it. Look for fashion blogs and get inspiration from their pictures. You can also get inspirations from fashion magazines and my favorite of all is people-watching. A person could tell a lot about themselves by the way they dress. Take some time off and go to town, sit at Starbucks and just people-watched away. Bring your best friend with you, and discuss what you see with each other. I bet you feel like you could be a fashion police after the session.

2)Find your Fit

Now that you already got an idea about what you like after all the research, go out to the mall (preferably during non peak periods), and try on clothes. Pick out some tops, dresses, jeans and skirts that caught your attention and try them on. Us girls are always reluctant to try out something trendy, thinking “I don’t look good in that.” or “I’m too short!”. No negative thoughts. Just try it, I know you want too. If it doesn’t fit right, its alright, and if it does hey, you just score a new found love. Remember, that we gals have different body shapes. Some style may fit well on others but not you. So it is always important to try on clothes that are flattering for your figure. Once you figured out what you like and don’t like, what work and don’t work for your body shape, we need to go back to the basics.

3) Invest on Good Basic Pieces

While trendy pieces are on trend and fun, you also need to have a few basics in your collection. Having some basic pieces could help to make an outfit when paired with trendy pieces. You can also add accessories to these basic pieces to make it more you. Investing on good basics is always a good idea because you can wear it over and over and never out of style, whereas investing in trendy items it will only be popular during that period and after that, it would be out of style.

Here are my top basics to have in your wardrobe:

  • Dark Denim
  • Solid Color Tees – White, Black and Grey
  • White Button Down Shirt
  • Black Pumps
  • A good Blazer
  • A Denim Jacket
  • Black Pants
  • Little Black Dress (LBD)
  • A Graphic Tee
  • A Structured Handbag

These are good basics to have, and they would last in your wardrobe forever… until its time to be replaced that is.

I hope this is useful for my girls who are struggling to find their style. Just remember that style comes overtime, and does not happen overnight. It may take a few years to develop your own personal style and when you do, always do it with confidence. There’s nothing sexier about a person dresses who with confident.

Thanks for reading!XOXO


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