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DSC02022 [ Ribbed Midi Dress, Nike Sneakers (similar), Kate Spade Satchel (similar options here and here), Lovisa Bracelet ]

Yesterday, my partner and I decided to go to into D.C and walk around the National Mall. Every other time we’ve been there, its either at night, spring or late fall to winter, but never during the summer time. So I thought why not, and oh my god was it sweltering hot out yesterday. We spent most of our time in the museums so that wasn’t so bad since the a/c in the museums helped to cool us off. We visited the Simthsonian’s Natural History Museum which is my favorite by the way, and yesterday was my first time going to the American History Museum and I thought it was pretty interesting. The museum that we really wanted to see was the African History Museum, but that is still under construction and will only be open till next year. Oh well! And of course, my favorite monument to see has to be the Lincoln Memorial overlooking the reflective pool.

If you’ve been to D.C, what are some of the places you enjoy visiting and doing? I love to hear about your experiences. Thanks for reading!XOXO ❤


4 Replies to “Exploring D.C”

  1. Love the dress and sneaker combo! I haven’t been brave enough to try to pull it off and should just go for it.

    I visited DC in May to attend my friend’s graduation from Howard University. The city has a huge college population, so it was refreshing to be around so many take-on-the-world attitudes 🙂


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    1. Thank you! I felt the same way too at first, and because we were going to walk around in DC, I thought tht it would be wise to wear some comfy sneakers. I love DC, there are so many things to see and do there and it is very family friendly. 🙂


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