No More Blonde








DSC02261 [ H&M Top and Bottom, Laced Up Heels]

Happy weekend!

Another fall inspired outfit on the blog today. This time, I stick to more neutral, earthy tones like this camel pants and keep everything else in the same color palette. Oh yes, I no longer have blonde hair! I am so happy with this rich brown color for my hair, and I think that my hair feels and looks so much healthier than when I used to have my blonde ends. I cut about 2 to 3 inches off too, because the ends are so fried and dried out. I’m pretty happy about my new hair and it’s appropriate too for the colder seasons.

Thanks for reading lovelies!XOXO ❤


7 Replies to “No More Blonde”

    1. Aww thank you! Yes, these shoes are amazing and they are comfy too. Ive been wanting a pair like this for awhile now, but all the sites I went to are always sold out in my size. So when I found one in my size, I quickly grab it. Lol! ☺


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