Tip Tuesday: An Interesting Mascara Trick Every Girl Should Know


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Lancôme lancome mascara
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Happy Tuesday!
So, I was doing some research on beauty tips or hacks for this week’s Tip Tuesday and I stumbled across a very interesting tip for mascaras, especially during the cold and dry seasons. I already knew this but I thought it was not normal at first, and then I kept seeing it being mention over and over again and I thought I should share this with you and try it out myself. My first reaction to this trick was “No, I’m not doing that!” and then after “My lashes looked really good!” Am I killing you guys yet? Alright,alright, I won’t make you wait any longer….
If your mascara is starting to dry out, especially during the colder seasons (this happens to me all the time), you should place your mascara in between your breast, or in your bra for a few minutes to warm the product up. Yes, this sounds absurd, but it sort of work and it made sense when you come to think of it. Your body heat will help to warm the product up, which makes the application of mascara so much easier, and your lashes will get an instant lift and curls better too.
There you go girls. Doesn’t this beauty hack reads crazy to you, but it totally works. Try it out yourself and see if it does wonders to your lashes.
Thanks for reading! Until next time!XOXO ❤

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