Buxom Full On Lip Polish Review and Swatches


Happy Wednesday!

On my last monthly favorites, I share my new favorite lip gloss that I’ve been loving and still obsessing with currently, that I made another trip to Sephora and bought 2 more colors. If you read my last monthly favorite post, you’d probably already guessed it. I am talking about the Buxom Full On Lip Polish. Yes girl, these are my new obsession now.

 Before I share my review on these lip polishes, here are the colors that I picked out.


First of all, as you can see that all three colors appeared similar. I did get 3 different shades that are about in the same color family.

April – A light coral shade with pretty sparkles in my opinion, but on the site it says it is an icy pink shade.

Katie – A light pink shade with light shimmers.

Samantha – A really pale pinky nude shade with no shimmer.

All three shades has different color description and it even looks different in the tube, but when you swatched it on your lips, all three colors appeared similar. That’s the only downside of these lip polishes.

Aside from that, these lip polishes are amazing. I love how they apply, smell, taste, and how it makes my lips feel. It has a tingling feeling when you put it on, and it makes your lips look plump and full. Instant lip injection!

These lip polishes are sticky, which I don’t really mind because I think that sticky lip glosses last longer on your lips. These lip polishes comes in many shades (98 shades on Sephora website), so you could find your “IT” shade or try on all the shades to find your perfect color. Did I mention it smells yummylicious? It smells like sugar frosting. Heeh!

Overall, I am really impressed with the Buxom Full On Lip Polish. Aside from the colors not showing up on my lips, maybe because I have really pigmented lips, I do love applying it on top of lip pencils or a lippie sticks. It just makes your lips look fuller and more pouty. My favorite lipstick to pair with is the Loreal Colour Riche La Lacque Colorstick in Coco Lacque. I tried it on with all three shades and all three gives out a pretty finish.

It’s not difficult to see why these glosses are my new favorites. I am gonna get more shades and probably tried out the darker shades to see if it shows up on my lips. Do give these glosses a try and you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!XOXO ❤


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