Tip Tuesday: My Winter Essentials

My Winter Essentials


Beige coat

Victoria s Secret knit pajamas
$56 – victoriassecret.com

Free Press patterned socks

Tartan scarve
Hey everyone!
Welcome to this week’s and last Tip Tuesday of the year. I’d figured this would be the right time to end the series for the year, as I’m sure a lot of us are busy preparing and getting ready for the holidays. It would be a nice break for everyone, to wind down and spend quality time with family, cos why not? Everyone deserves a break from time to time and if you’re a workaholic, kick your heels off, put on your favorite pajamas and watch Netflix. And start fresh in the new year. Yes?
This week, although this isn’t really much of a tip, but I’d share it with you anyways, I picked out my top wardrobe/clothing essentials for the cold winter months. These are my must-haves to keep me staying warm and toasty, and comfortable too, when being in the chilling 20 degrees weather.
1. Chunky Sweater
I love a good chunky sweater. It helps to keep you warm during the winter time and it is a good layering piece to own in your closet. You could wear a plaid shirt underneath for that southern vibe look, or go for a grungy look paired underneath an oversized denim jacket. Either way, they are a must-have.
2. Leggings
Not any kind of leggings, but thick leggings that look like black pants. Gone were the days where we wore leggings that pretty much showed our underwear. None of that my friends. You could find this basic essential item almost everywhere now and they are great to have during winter time. It is also a good layering piece to wear under jeans for that extra warmth. Check out here and here.
3. Warm Coat/Jacket
This is a no brainer. A thick wool peacoat looks chic and classy and keeps you warm at the same time, but a puffer jacket (love this one here too) works as well. Who says a puffer jacket can’t look cute? There are many modern styles that are suitable for your office wear. The down feathers insulates the coat to keep you warm during the cold months. More great styles here and here.
4. Blanket Scarf
The best type of scarf in my opinion. It’s thick material and ginormous size of it would keep you warm (and stylish) all winter long. It’s actually great to have a blanket scarf if you ever go to a football game, because my dear, those bone chilling wind could make you fall sick quick. Blanket scarf and a cup of hot chocolate to the rescue!
5. Comfy Boots
No doubt that this is an essential in my closet because my feet do get cold very quickly. I love Ugg Boots, and I wear them all the time around my house to keep my toesies warm, but I’m not someone to wear them out. So knee high riding boots, or over the knee (OTK) boots are my go to. Flats, of course. Save the heeled version for some place fancy. More OTK style boots here and here.
6. Fuzzy Socks
Tell me I’m not the only fan of these comfy socks! They are so warm and keep your feet extra toasty too.
7. Cute Pajamas
Winter time is the perfect excuse to wear pjs all day. (Oh, you do it too!) I love pajamas, especially cute, and festive pajamas. They are my winter uniform to wear around the house or when I am staying in all day, and they keep me feeling warm and cozy. There are a lot of cute pajama tops that could actually passed as regular tops, so you could probably get away with wearing pjs out. (But put proper pants on!) I love this range here.
I hope you enjoy this last Tip Tuesday post of mine. As always, thanks for reading and have a wonderful holiday!XOXO ❤

5 Replies to “Tip Tuesday: My Winter Essentials”

    1. Honestly, I think everyone can wear leggings. It’s just how to wear it. I used to think the same too, but I later found out that wearing leggings with longer, flowy tops works best. Any piece of clothing that covers your bum. Lol! For example, like an oversized button up shirt (boyfriend shirts as they call it), or a loose chunky sweater would work well too. 🙂

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