“Olive You”







To be honest, this was probably the hardest OOTD to shoot. One of the major factor was that it was frigid out, and I was shivering the entire time, and I was laughing so hard that I was bawling my eyes out. LOL! I had to leave mid way through the shoot, because my eyes were smudge and I had mascara running down my cheeks.  Not a cute sight! People who saw us probably thought that I was having an argument with the mister or something. Haha! I’m telling you, it’s hard to keep a straight face for the camera when you’re shivering your bum off.

Moving on….

I’ve been really into khakis, or olive tones lately. Maybe because I wear too much black,  white and grey that I need some color in my life. Not a BAM in your face, neon pink type of colors, but something more neutral and tone downed. I like that this shade matches almost anything, and it is an easy color to style with. I love how the navy blue color of this coat and the necklace just stood out more against the olive pants.

So these were the ONLY good, and sensible photos we had, since the rest of the photos were of me crying and making silly faces. Okay fine, I will subject you to some silliness…  ;-P

DSC04007 This is my ” Wait! I think I got lipstick on my teeth” look!

DSC04015 And this is my…. just being silly face!

*Outfit Details*

Old Navy grey sweater (similar here)

Loft Utility pants

Forever21 duffle coat (similar here, here)

Forever21 Chelsea boots (similar)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!XOXO ❤


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