Tip Tuesday: How to Stay Motivated


Hi friends!

Today’s Tip Tuesday, I decided to do something a little different. Rather than the usual beauty and fashion tips that I shared every once a week, I thought I should incorporate more lifestyle materials on my blog. Such as sharing some life tips, or inspirational quotes, a little bit of daily motivation to keep us going through out the day.

When I was writing my post last Sunday about gratitude, I brought up an issue that I had with blogging, which was how I felt demotivated to continue blogging at one point. I agree that blogging is hard work. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce a quality post. I know how it feels when you worked hard for a post and you expect to get all these likes and views from your readers and did not get a single like or very little views. Especially for a new blogger like me, it is hard to compete with other well known bloggers who already made their mark on other readers. So I keep telling myself to keep going, work hard and never give up.

Here are my 5 tips on how I stay motivated:

  1. Set a goal

This is your why, the reason you want to succeed. If you are working on a project, why is this important to you? What is it that you want to achieve at the end of it? Write it down somewhere where you could see it everyday, that way you won’t forget and you’ll be motivated to accomplish your goal.

2.  Create a plan 

Now that we know what our goal is, the next step is to create a plan on how we are going to achieve that goal. Write down the necessary steps that are needed in order to accomplish it and start working on it. Take notes on any achievements you had or mistakes as you’re working up towards your goal.

3.   Learn from mistakes 

As you are working up towards your goal, you’ll run into difficulties or made some mistakes along the way. That is totally fine, because it is all part of a learning process. But, don’t let the mistakes you made interfere with your plan to become successful. Use them as a stepping stone, and learn from those mistakes to achieve your goal.

4.   Surround yourself with positivity 

When you lack motivation or feel uninspired, talk to people who have the same interest as you, or talk to your closest friends about anything that would make you feel better. Have a positive attitude. Block any negativity around you, and focus on all the positive things that makes you happy.

5.   Reward yourself 

When you have small successes as you’re working towards your goal, give yourself small rewards to boost motivation. Once you have reached your goal, reward yourself with something big to celebrate your achievement.

I hope these tips are useful. If you are having  trouble to keep yourself to stay motivated, just remember these 5 easy tips. Stay happy, have a positive attitude and mindset and you’ll be alright. =)

Thanks for reading!XOXO ❤





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