My Favorite Drugstore Powders


Hey everyone!

On today’s post, I will be sharing with you some of my favorite drugstore powders that I think you’ll need and probably love for your makeup collection. For years and years, I always am a big fan of drugstore makeup. Simply because, they are really inexpensive and they are widely available. When I first started getting into wearing makeup, I remembered my first ever makeup product I got was a lip gloss and a mascara from the drugstore, and from then on, the drugstore was my go to place to get affordable makeup. Now that I am older and am able to financially support myself, I do venture out to try high end products, and indulge myself once in awhile, but I would always go back to using my $10 compact powder over my expensive compact. I feel like drugstore makeup brands are starting to step up their game, and some products are comparable, or better than the high end ones. No doubt that the higher the quality of these products, the more expensive these drugstore makeup have become. That’s the only thing that suck. Haha! No offense to you ladies who loves higher end makeup, I do too, but sometimes it’s good not to forget our roots.

Anyway, enough chitty-chatting. I went through my makeup stash and pull out my most used and loved powders from the drugstore. The good thing about all these powders though, they are under $10 (depending on where you get them)! Well, let me just say that these are the powders I use to set my foundation and concealer, or for lightly reducing some shine on my forehead and nose when I’m not wearing makeup. I have not tried to use them as a full foundation, but some of these would work if you build up the coverage. Let’s get started!

Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder


This powder feels like velvety goodness. It’s so finely milled and it goes on your skin smoothly and it doesn’t make your foundation looks cakey. I am in the shade 230 natural buff for when I am tan and in the shade 220 medium beige (currently).

Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder


I have not tried the foundation yet because I could not get my shade right, and I have heard good things about it. But the powder is one of my absolute favorites. This powder feels like second skin. It’s so smooth and makes your skin look flawless. I feel like this powder has a buildable coverage, and I love using this in the warmer months, when I only have concealer on and no foundation. I am in the shade Golden Beige.

Loreal True Match Super Blendable Powder


A rediscovery as of last month. This was my go to face powder for a really long time, and when I ran out of it, I didn’t know why I did not repurchase it sooner. Ugh, can’t say enough good things about this powder. It’s so silky smooth and blends like a perfection on your face. I love wearing this on top of the Loreal True Match foundation. Those two combos are like match made in heaven. I am currently using shade W4 natural beige and shade W6 sun beige when I’m tan.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder


I think that this powder is by far the best mattifying powder from the drugstore. It really gets the job done and it does make your face matte. I’ve gone through several pans of this goodness and till this day, it is still one of my top powders to repurchase. I’m wearing the shade sandstorm.

Wet and Wild Fergie Mattifying Powder


This product is a new discovery for me. Well, not really. It’s one of those products where you would not even bother to look at, and would just walked passed it because it look like it’s something not worth checking. I saw Casey Holmes on Youtube talked about it and how much she loves it so I decided to give it a shot. Not gonna lie, this powder is pretty amazing. It’s so finely milled and smooth, which makes it the perfect powder to set your under eye concealer with. And the best part, it’s under $5. Can’t beat that!

These are my top choices for drugstore powders. Now that spring is around the corner, a lot of drugstore brands are coming out with new products for their collection. I’m gonna be hunting for new products to try on and do more drugstore reviews on my blog. Let me know, if you agree with my choices, or if there are other powders from the drugstore that I should check out and try. =)

As always, thanks for reading and have a great Super Bowl weekend! Who are you rooting for to win this year’s Super Bowl?XOXO ❤

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