Tip Tuesday: Quick and Easy Wing Liner Trick

Happy Tuesday!

Even after all these years of wearing makeup, the part that I am still struggling the most is applying eyeliner. I think part of the reason is that, I have have hooded eyelids and my right eyelid has less eyelid space, and has creases as compared to the left eye. Therefore my wing liner always look a little bit off. I was looking through Pinterest one day and saw a pin on how to achieve an effortless wing using tape. Immediately I know that I want to share this tip on this week tip Tuesday. 

All you need is Scotch tape or any type of tape that you have, and eyeliner. I used cream eyeliner in the photos to demonstrate, but liquid or pencil liner works too.

Step 1


You want to place the tape at an angel, following the shape of your lower lash. Since I have smaller eyes, my lower lash line points more upwards than to the side.

Step 2


Using your eyeliner, draw a line against the tape, and that would be the outer line of the wing.

Step 3


From the edge of the line, create a triangle and connect it to the lash line. It’s okay if there’s still skin showing, because we are going to fill it in.

Step 4


Using small strokes, start filling in the wing and gradually drag more product towards the upper lash line to form a line. I apologized that this picture is blurry. Apparently my camera doesn’t want to focus. -_-

Step 5


Remove the tape, and clean of any mistakes and edges with a makeup wipe or a q-tip for that sharp, wing line.


And there you have it. A quick and easy way to achieve the perfect wing liner.

If you’re new to eyeliner, or just starting out with makeup, try this method. With lots of practice and patience, you would be a pro and you could just wing it (see what I did there), and don’t even need to use tape. Hopefully this is helpful to all my gal’s out there who are still struggling with applying eyeliner. I feel you. =)


Thanks for reading and have a great day!XOXO ❤


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