Sigma Beauty | Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat Review


Hey everyone!

I am back with another review today. Today’s review is going to be on the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat. I included this in my January Favorites even though I only tried it once, and I also mentioned that I’m gonna do an in depth review on this, so here it is.

My least favorite thing about makeup is cleaning dirty makeup brushes. I hate cleaning my makeup brushes, because they are so time consuming, it’s tedious, and I don’t like that my hands get so dry and pruney. I know that there are tools to help you with cleaning your brushes, and I never give it any thought to purchasing one, until recently. Sigma came out with their Spa Gloves years back, and I thought it was ingenious that they came out with something like that, but I wasn’t ready to spend $39 on it, so I just passed. Fast forward to last month, I guessed I was just tired of washing my brushes the old way that I went back to the Sigma Beauty website and start looking at what other brush cleaning options they have and I immediately was drawn to the spa mats. Ever since I got it, washing brushes are way more fun than before. =)

Sigma has two versions of the spa mats, one is the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat, and the other one is Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat. Honestly, I think they are the same product, the only thing different is the size. The express mat is smaller than the “non express” mat. The express mat is for $25, and for extra $7, you could get the bigger one, so that’s what I got.

When I received the item, the mat was nicely wrap in a plastic container. It also comes with an instruction manual on how to use the mat, which I find it very helpful.



The mat feels like it’s made out of synthetic rubber (at least that’s how it feels), it has suction cups underneath, so it would stick to the sink and prevent the mat from moving while cleaning your brushes. One side of the mat is for face brushes, and the other side is for eye brushes. There are 7 textures for cleaning your brushes with labeling at the top so you know what to do for the next step. It is really easy to follow and the instruction manual shows you what the individual textures does.


The way the mat is design, it is so that it fits nicely in your sink. Ingenious I must say! *two thumbs up*

The next few pictures, I am going to show a demo on how I use the mat to clean my brushes.

Step 1


So after I set the mat in the sink, I wet my brush and put some baby shampoo on it. I leave the water running, that way it’s easier to wash the soap and makeup residue off the mat.


As per the instructions, I followed the steps on how to wash the brushes. I start with the wash section of the mat as shown here. Using circular motions over and over till I feel like I got all product out.

Step 2


Once I’m done with the wash section, I now rinse my brush, using upwards and downwards motion till it’s clean.

Step 3


After rinsing, I use the “Refine” section of the mat to get rid of all the soap suds from the brush. Make sure to rinse of the soap off the mat as your cleaning your brushes, that way you don’t have soap residue left on the brush bristles after you’re done.

Step 4


The final step, I just ran through my brush on the “Refine Plus Face” for a thorough clean. This is like the deep cleansing portion of cleaning your brushes.

Squeeze any remaining water from the brush and you’re all set! It’s super easy. 🙂


I didn’t demo cleaning the eye brushes, because it’s the exact same steps. The best part of this mat is that you could wash multiple brushes at a time, so that definitely cut down the amount of time it takes to wash makeup brushes. The mat is also really easy to clean. All I did was rinse off any residue on the mat and hang it dry. All in all, I am really pleased with this product, and definitely worth spending $32 for it. Haha!

I hope you find this review helpful and thanks for reading loves!XOXO ❤

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4 Replies to “Sigma Beauty | Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat Review”

    1. Hi Kirsty, I know there are similar dupes as the Sigma cleaning mats and cleaning gloves. I have not tried any of the dupes, but I’m sure that they would work well for cleaning makeup brushes. I would say to try and search on or Ebay, for “makeup brush cleaning mat” and they’ll show similar, and cheaper alternatives. I hope you find this helpful. =)

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