Tip Tuesday: The Do’s and Don’ts of Mascara


Happy 1st of March!

I am so ready for spring to come around. We’ve been having warmer weather in the last two days and it’s gonna be freezing again later this week. Like my husband said “Welcome to Merica!” Haha!

On this week’s tip Tuesday, I thought I share with you some mascara tips and hacks, or the do’s and don’ts of applying mascara. I am convinced that all of you gals wears mascara. Even when you’re not wearing a full face makeup, you still are wearing mascara. Right? I’m guilty of that too, and my lashes feels naked if I don’t have anything on. At least just a thin coat of mascara on my lashes would make me feel better. Even after wearing makeup for years now, there are some things that I have to remind myself when applying mascara. These are some of the do’s and don’ts I combined as a reminder to myself, and to you my readers, that you probably aren’t even aware of doing. If you’re just starting out with makeup, these are some tips that you could take note from too.


Check Expiration Date

Ahah! I know, I’m so guilty of this. Not everyone tracks how long the shelf life of their mascaras are from the day they open the tube. I don’t. I usually keep my mascara until I think I need to toss it out. The shelf life of a mascara is two to three months. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to waste, after 6 months of still wearing the same mascara, you NEED to throw it out the window. Imagine all the bacteria and eye infections you could potentially get from the dirty mascara wand.

Wiggle It

I still see some people just combing through their lashes with the mascara wand when applying mascara. Wiggle your wand ladies. By doing this motion, you’re actually making your lashes look thicker and voluminous, and your lashes will be evenly coated. Start as close to your lash line and wiggle your way up, till the tip of your lashes.

Layer Up

What I like to do is apply mascaras with different formulations together. I usually apply a volumizing mascara as my first coat, and follow with a lengthening mascara as my 2nd coat. You could also layer a waterproof mascara on top of a non waterproof mascara to make it last longer. That way your lashes could enjoy best of both worlds.



Quit Pumping

Over the years, I learned that this was one of the big “no-nos” when it comes to mascara. How many of us pump our mascara wand in and out several times, thinking we’re getting more product onto the wand? Pumping the mascara wand allows air to enter the tube, and it will make the product dry out faster. Just swirl the wand in the tube a few times to get more product on the brush.

No Sharing

I know this, because I had it before. I have 3 sisters and we share makeup all the time, especially mascaras and other eye products. Sharing eye makeup products is probably the most dangerous because you can get conjunctivitis, or a pinkeye. It’s very contagious, so keep them eye makeup to yourself. If you ever need to share, make sure that you sanitize it well with rubbing alcohol afterwards.

Don’t Rub Wet Mascara

Even when I try to be really careful while applying mascara, there will always be some that gets on my eyelids, eyebrows, and nose! Yeah, very bizarre but it happens. Do not try to rub it off immediately. Wait for it to dry, and use a q-tip or a tissue to clean it. It will slide off really easily, and you don’t have to worry about ruining your entire eye makeup.


Those are my do’s and don’ts when applying mascara. If you have any mascara tips that you would like to share with me, leave it in the comment section below. I would love to read them. As always, thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!XOXO ❤



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