Tip Tuesday: How to Clean Your Beauty Blender and Makeup Sponges


Hey loves!

This week’s tip Tuesday, I want to share with you some tips for cleaning your Beauty Blender and other makeup sponges that you use to apply your makeup. Granted, BB or makeup sponges are every makeup artists best makeup tool for applying foundations, blending out contours and concealers, but they could be really hard to clean sometimes. Makeup sponges leaves stains and if we don’t regularly clean them, imagine all the bacteria that accumulated in the sponge, and you use that on your face! No ma’am! BB makes their own special BB cleanser Solid for cleaning out their sponges, but for a small bar that cost $16 a piece is very expensive, especially if you’re someone who has sensitive skin and has to clean their face brushes or sponges everyday. Not worth it girl! Today, I’ll share some methods that you could use to clean out your makeup sponges, and all this will be less (or lesser) than $16 buckaroos, I promise! =)

Method 1

Dish soap or Baby Shampoo

We would need a dish soap, or dishwashing liquid detergent. If you use baby shampoo to clean your makeup brushes, that would work too. Soak your dirty sponges in a bowl with warm water and a tiny bit of soap. Let it sit for 30 mins. This method is also good for deep cleaning your sponges.

After 30 mins, you’ll notice that the water in the bowl will start to have some discoloration. That’s because the foundation and stains is slowly sipping off from the sponge.


Pour the water out, and squeeze some of the excess water out of the sponge. Add more soap onto the sponge and massage the sponge till you get all the foundation and stains out. Rinse off with warm running water and roll it on a towel to get all the excess water out.

Method 2

Dish soap and olive oil


Some people like using this method, and some don’t because it could leave a greasy after feeling on the sponge if it’s not rinsed out properly. This method is really easy. Add a small size amount of olive oil into your palm, followed by the same amount of soap and start massaging the mixture into your makeup sponge. You’ll notice that all the foundations and stains will start to come off from the sponge. Rinse the sponge under warm water and roll it on a towel to get all the excess water out.

Method 3

Bar of soap

Probably one of the easiest and fastest method to clean your makeup sponges. If a bar of soap is use to clean our face and body, I guess it would probably work with cleaning  makeup sponges too. I like Dove bars because that’s what I use for my facial cleanser too. If you don’t have Dove, any bar soap like from the dollar store would work fine. Dampened your beauty blender a little bit, and start rubbing the sponge across the bar of soap. Keep massaging it until all the stains and makeup residue come off and rinsed it well under running water.


And there you have it! Clean, and bacteria free makeup sponges! I hope you like today’s post, and as always thanks for reading!XOXO ❤


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