Tip Tuesday: Spring Trends

spring trends

Happy spring loves!

Spring is one of my favorite seasons next to fall. The air is so crisp, flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and it feels so refreshing to be out and about again and doing fun, outdoor activities like hiking, cycling or simply go for a walk. But then there’s also the (not so fun) adult stuff too like mowing the lawn, gardening and doing yard work. If you’re a home owner you’d know. Haha!  It’s definitely time to put away the blacks and grays (not quite), and bring back the floral dresses and maxi skirts, pastels and shorts back into my wardrobe. I am excited to be showing my legs again, because I am desperate to get some color back into my skin after being kept hidden underneath the leggings and jeans during the colder months. I’ve yet to do some spring clothing shopping. And if you’re like me and haven’t had time to do it yet, let me help you a little.

On this week’s tip Tuesday, I’ll share with you three spring fashion trends to look out for (when shopping) or simply to try out even if you’re someone who does not follow trends. It’s always fun to switch up our style once in awhile, that way you actually get to find out the things you like and don’t like. And if you’re a bargain shopper, I got you covered girlfriend!! I will link to some pieces that are similar and very budget friendly, without spending a bomb on that pair of Aquazzura laced-up flats. =)  Let’s get on to it shall we?


This is one of my favorite trends of the season. Although the off-shoulder trend has been around for awhile now, I’m glad that it is one of the main fashion trends for spring this year. Off-shoulder tops and dresses are so fun and flirty, and they could be classy too depending how you style them. If you’re someone who does not like to show a lot of skin, I think this trend is perfect for you. What’s sexier than showing off your shoulders and a little bit of decolletage during the warmer months. Am I right?

My favorites:

Tie sleeve denim off-shoulder top


Boohoo Off-shoulder dress


Flared Jeans 

Yaassss! My inner hippie is loving this right now. I am obsessed with this trend especially with flared jeans or wide leg jeans. If you’ve been with me for awhile, you had seen me style a few flared jeans on the blog and you know how much I love, love, love (x100) it! Now that we are approaching warmer weather, cropped flared jeans or denim culottes are quickly becoming every fashionista’s favorites.

My favorites:

Madewell flared jeans 


Free People belted flared jeans


Forever 21 denim culottes


Laced-up Pumps/Heels

Thanks to Aquazzura, everyone is obsessed and jumping onto the laced-up shoes bandwagon , including me! I love the Aquazzura Christy lace-up point toe flats, but it is not worth my love when it retails for $700 a pair. The good news is, a lot of shoe companies are coming out with similar styles and designs that are way more affordable to cater to the majority. I have a few laced up heels and I love every single pair, but I’m still in search for that perfect pair of laced up flats for when I’m dressing casual and still want to look cute at the same time.

My favorites:

Sam Edelman laced-up pumps


Asos Lace up heel sandals


Halogen pointy toe flats


Ivanka Trump lace-up flats


Which of these 3 trends would you most likely to try? All three are my favorites and definitely trends that I would continue to wear till the summer time. I hope you like this week’s tip Tuesday, and have a good week ahead! Until next time!XOXO ❤


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6 Replies to “Tip Tuesday: Spring Trends”

  1. I am not one to follow trends at all, but I am really liking the flare jeans. My only thing about them is that I feel that they don’t look as well when you are short because then the pants are too long and bunch up at the bottom which takes away that ‘flare” look. Perhaps I could do a flare jean with a really high pair of wedges would work though I am mainly a flats kind of girl…Anyhoo’s, hope you have a good day!


    1. Aww thank you! I’m not that tall too, Im only 5ft4. When Im looking for flared jeans, I always try to get them in short or petite options if they have it. It would still be tiny bit long, but it will be perfect when pair with high wedges or platform shoes. Another option for shorter girls is to get high waisted flared jeans and wear it with crop tops. That will make you look taller than you actually are. I hope you find these tips helpful! ☺


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