Tip Tuesday: How To Wear Flared Jeans


Hi loves!

Welcome to this week’s tip Tuesday. Today I’ll be sharing some fashion tips on how you could wear flared jeans. The 70’s trend is huge now and you probably noticed that almost every fashion brands came out with their own version on flared jeans. I am a super huge fan of this trend and I love it so much. Not just flared jeans, pants too. They just make your legs miles long and could be really flattering for the figure. Oh, and not forgetting, shoes! Wearing the right type of shoes could really help, that way you would not find yourself having to drag the flared part of the jeans on the ground, or look like your feet are sinking in the flares.

Here are three simple ways to wear flared jeans:

  1. Casual: Simple Basics are always a good idea


You know the KISS rule… “Keep it simple stupid”. If you’re new to the trend and not sure how to dress your first pair of flared jeans, throw on your favorite white tee and your trusty wedges for that added height and you are all set. Instead of basic white tee, you could also wear it with tank tops, muscle tanks and you’ll look equally as good.

     2.  Dressy: Wear flared jeans on a date night


Pairing a loose, flowy blouse or top is one of my favorite ways to dress up flared jeans. You could tuck it in for a more polish look, or you could just tuck the front of your top in for that casual vibe. Pointed toe pumps or ankle boots looks great with flared jeans. If you’re not a friend of heels, try pointed toe flats. They work just as well. Off the shoulder tops are a huge trend right now. Try pairing a top like that with flared jeans and I bet your date won’t be able to resist you. #winning

3.  High-waisted: Full on 70’s


I’d say, if you’re already into the whole flared jeans trend, might as well embrace the whole 70’s look right? Ha! If you like high-waisted jeans, you probably wouldn’t mind high-waisted flared jeans. They are actually really flattering and comfortable. And because it is high-waisted, they would look really good when paired with crop tops, or lacey crop blouses. This is totally festival look approved when you wear it with a lacey crop top and a floppy hat. Right? Peep toe heels,or platform heels goes well with the high-waisted style, but if you’re not into that, sneakers or espadrilles flatforms are super cute too.

Which one of this would you try? Let me know in the comment section below. =) I hope you like today’s post, and as always thanks for reading love bugs!XOXO ❤

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