Taking A Break


Hi everyone!

I just want to drop by here real quick and let you guys know that I’m gonna take a short break from blogging. You know that feeling when you’ve been blogging for awhile and you feel like you don’t have any good content, or feeling like your blog is lacking in something? Yes, I’ve reached that point currently (and I’m sure I will hit this wall again) but for now, I think that it’s best for me to take a break from my blogging grind and start finding new inspirations and do a little makeover for my site. Hopefully once I’m back, I will have fresh new content and a whole new outlook for my blog. =)

In the meantime, if you want to know what I’m up to during my period of absence, you can follow my shenanigans on my social media platforms where I will still be posting my outfits of the day, what I eat, where I’m going, who I hang out with, and many many more. Thank you to all my readers who have been with me on this journey. I appreciate each and everyone of your support and love you’ve shown, and I always look forward to reading and replying to your comments every single time. I can’t wait to share with you this new journey and bring you lots of new content to my blog.

As always, thanks for stopping by and have a great day!XOXO ❤


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