Cropped and Florals


Hi guys!

As a style blogger, many would think that we probably wore one piece of clothing once and then never again. Well, not me though. I love recycling statement pieces, and style them with other basic pieces in my closet for a whole different look. In this case, I’m restyling my culottes again this summer. I’ve been really into this trend since last summer. I style a look featuring this gorgeous dark blue pair (here), and I thought I should bust it out again. I know that this trend probably isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a risk taker in fashion, you should probably try it. A tip I tell myself when I’m looking for a pair of culottes and making sure that they look right and good on me, is to find one that is tailored, or have a tailored look. Those usually are more structured and classy, that’s why I prefer them as compared to the ones that are flowy looking. Tailored culottes are also perfect to wear for the office in addition to your trousers and midi skirts. What do you guys think about this trend?






TOP: Express Portofino shirt

BOTTOM: Culottes *a boutique in Spore* (other favorites here, here)

HEELS: Strappy sandals

Thanks for reading loves!XOXO ❤


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