June Favorites


Hi Friends!

Today’s blog post is going to be my June favorites. I hope I’m not too late to share my favorites since it’s almost close to mid July, but hey, better late than never right? In the month of June, I’ve discovered new skincare products that’s quickly becoming my must-haves and I’m sharing with you what I wear on my body. No, no weird stuff here alright! There are a couple of new makeup that I tried last month too. Most of the things I’m about to share are new, and some are things I used before and rediscovering it again for the summer. It’s gonna be a long one, so grab a snack, or a cup of coffee or tea and let’s get started! =)


Origins Clear Improvement  Active Charcoal Mask


I’m a big, big fan of face masks (especially sheet masks). Even though I have really dry skin, I do get oily in the t-zone area in the summer, and my pores are pretty large in those regions. This charcoal mask helps to reduce my large pores and also helps to unclog dirt and excess sebum that’s buried deep in there. I love how clean my skin feels after wearing this. Definitely a must try!

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask


Another mask that I’ve been loving recently is this one. I’ve tried a few overnight masks and the one I really like, my ride or die, is the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. Since I was out of that one, I wanted to try out a different overnight mask and this Origins one works as well. I love the smell of it and it does makes your skin so much plumper and hydrated when you wake up the next morning.

Origins Eye Doctor Moisture Care for Around The Eyes


Look, another Origins product! Haha. I’ve been looking around for a good eye cream for awhile now, and I know I wanted to try something non drugstore. I really wanted to try the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream but I can’t justify myself to pay $52 for .5oz of product. Yes, I’m a cheap skate. This one however, has really good reviews and cheaper as compared to the other one (even though it’s $37! *cringe*). I love the gel-like texture of it and it smells like cucumbers. It has a cool feeling when you apply it to your under eyes, and it does keep my under eyes really moisturize and prevent my concealers from creasing as much! Bonus point here!!


BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream


I’m someone who doesn’t wear full face makeup everyday. But, when I do feel like I want to look put together, I usually reached for a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream to foundations, especially during the summer. I recently picked this one up. It’s like a tinted moisturizer and claims to have hydrating benefits, so of course I’m drawn to it. (I’m drawn to anything that says “Hydratting”! Go figure!!) I really like this product. I never tried any bareMinerals stuff before, but this thing is good! It has a gel texture like it says, and it is really hydrating. I love how it gives your skin a natural dewy glow. Overall, really liking this product so far. If you want more review on this, I will be doing a blog post all about my summer makeup routine featuring this baby, and I’ll talk more about it. So stay tuned!

Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluid in Green


Color correcting is the talk of the town now. Of course I had to join the bandwagon too! I wanted to try out the peach shade for under the eyes but they only had this left at the mall, so sure, I’ll buy it. If you’re new to color correcting (I’m still learning btw), green is to conceal redness, peach or orange is to conceal dark spots and darkness under the eyes, yellow is for brightening and purple is correct dull looking skin. I would apply this around the nose, cheeks and any redness you have, then apply foundation and concealer as you normally would and you’ll get that flawless looking skin. If you haven’t try color correcting yet, you should!

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wearing Lipstick in Melted Nude


Why did I not try this sooner?! I love the Too Faced melted lipsticks! I got mine in Melted Nude and it’s the perfect everyday nude color. Adding more colors to my cart now!!

Loreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara


I think I just found my new favorite mascara. I still do love the Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara, but this one just makes my lashes looking long and full. I got mine in waterproof so that I could go swimming with it without worrying about my mascara smudging!


Nivea Extended Moisture Body Lotion


Did you know that I’ve been using Johnsons baby lotion as my daily moisturizer? I just let you in on my secret there! No, I’m not embarrassed by it. I like it cos it’s so mild and does leave your skin super soft. I wanted to try something else, something that gives as much hydration as the baby lotion and I’m glad that I picked this up. I love how moisturize my skin feels, and it smells great. This is definitely one of the many things that I would not stop repurchasing, and it’s under 10 buckaroos!!

Lavanila The Healthy Deodarant


Getting a little bit intimate here. My favorite deodorant is a rollerball deodorant from Nivea and they don’t have it here in the states. I used to be a big fan of the Lady Speed stick (powder was my favorite scent), but I feel like my armpits don’t get as clean even after I wash (and scrub) it. I was at Sephora last month and bought this on a whim. First of all, this deodorant smells amazing! I got mine in Vanilla Coconut. My armpits doesn’t feel sticky at all and I love that the smell last a very long time. Plus, it’s made with natural ingredients. I know how some deodorant can be harmful to you body, so if you’re afraid of that, try this one. It comes with other scents too!

Victoria Secret Body Spray in Pure Seduction and Sheer Love


I really love Victoria Secret’s fragrance mists! They are an everyday staple for me, especially during the summer. I could just throw it in my beach bag, and could easily freshen myself up with just a few spritz. These two scents are my favorite scents ever and I rediscovered them again last month! I should probably stock them up since I go through them like crazy! Haha.

Alright guys, I told you this is going to be a long one! Anyway, thanks for reading and have a great day!XOXO ❤


4 Replies to “June Favorites”

  1. Victoria Secret products are so amazing! I also own one in a Mango scent. Every time somebody asks me what scent I am wearing, it is most likely this one! I also love the Miss Manga mascara, it is a very good one for its price 🙂


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