Ruffles and Culottes


Happy Hump Day!

Finally, a two piece outfit which I am obsessed with! I’ve styled a couple two piece outfit on my blog before, but I never truly like how it looked when paired with different pieces. This one from Boohoo is to die for! It’s not really a set, but the model on the website was wearing it as a set and love how it looks together. I love the ruffle details on the crop top, and the culotte pants is a high-waist. I always have trouble finding high-waist pants (usually an inch low below the belly button), but this pants is a true high-waist, where it ends on top of your belly button (which I prefer). I love that you can wear these pieces separately, and they will still look good with any pairing. I plan to wear a different top with this pants for a bridal shower and I’ll let you decide if I’m right. 🙂




Even though I love the entire look of this outfit, I wish that there are pockets on the pants. I don’t know why, but I have this mental impression that pants should have pockets, especially high waist pants! Haha!



TOP & BOTTOM: Boohoo (here, here)

SHOES: Lola Shoetique *sold out in this color* (here, here)

Thanks for reading love!XOXO ❤


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