SG Book Club | Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J Maas


Happy Friday!

Hey guys! Welcome to SG Book Club! I’m excited for this month’s book pick because it’s gonna be on a series which I am absolutely loving right now! It’s called the Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J Maas. Sarah J Maas is such an amazing writer, and I’ve been reading her book since last year when she launched her second book series called A Court of Thorns and Roses. Ever since then, I am so hooked on her books. In the mid month of June until the entire month of July, I read the entire Throne of Glass series, which explains why I was lacking on post in the beauty and fashion department. Ha! (apologies).

I was never big into high fantasy novels, but after reading a book from the author, all I want to do is read fantasy books. If you’re like me and don’t like fantasy books, you should give Sarah J Maas books a go, and I promise you that you’ll be amaze! Anyway, the Throne of Glass Series is a story of an assassin who was captured and enslaved in one of the notorious and gruesome slave camp in Adarlan only to fight her way through to buy her own freedom. But she wasn’t really free, because now she has to save the world, save her people from the King, and fight to get her throne back.


 I know it kinda sound like Game of Thrones, but there are a lot of magic, love, friendships, trusts, demons, witches and faeries involved in this series and it could not get any better than that. I’m not gonna tell you the synopsis of all the books because we’ll be here till midnight, but let me tell you on my thoughts about each book.

Throne of Glass

It started out really slow, but after a couple pages in it did get really interesting very quickly. The first book talks about how Celaena Sardothien end up in a slave labor camp and what she was willing to do and to be in order to get her freedom. In this series, we get to see into the softer side of Celaena, and her love life between the Crown Prince of Adarlan, and the Captain of the Guard. This book was a great one and I love how it ends too, without leaving to much of a cliff hanger.

Crown of Midnight

The book series continues after the first one, after Celaena was crowned the King’s Champion. She fulfilled her role by performing assassinations ordered by the King, but little did the King know that she didn’t really kill them. Even though they were enemies of the King, Celaena gave them an optioned to leave the city and fake their deaths. When she learned about her next target, who was a leader of a rebel movement trying to find their lost princess Aelin Galathynius, their lost heir of Terrasen and their only hope to restore the honorable kingdom to it’s former glory. The second book is definitely more intense and more enjoyable because we also get to find out who Celaena end up being in a relationship with.

Heir of Fire

The third book is probably my least favorite of all four books, because it focuses a lot more on the rebel movement and their search for finding the lost princess. The author also talks about Celaena’s training where she learned how to control and mould her magic to a point that would not endager her own life. In this book, we get to meet Celaena’s cousin, Aedion, a lesser faerie and Rowan, a centuries old mighty fae warrior who later served Aelin Galathynius by blood oath.

Crown of Midnight

This is my favorite out of the other 3 books. In this, we get to read more on how Celaena defeated the King of Adarlan with the help of her friends and the Crown Prince of Adarlan. Also, we learned that Celaena’s cousin was being captured by the King, and how Celaena risked her life to save him. This book really got me on the edge of my seat! A lot of action and new romance blooming in this fourth series.

That’s my review for all the books in this series. The fifth book is coming out in September, and it’s ready for pre-order, but I’m not sure when the sixth and final book will be out. If you’re looking for a new read, give this series a try and you will not be disappointed. As always, thanks for reading and have a great weekend!XOXO ❤


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