A Love A Flare


I’m back with a new outfit post today. Lately, I’ve been in the mood to wear basics, and 99.9% of the time you’ll find me wearing jeans and a t-shirt which is basically my uniform especially when I’m at home, since I’m someone who doesn’t go out much. But when I do go out, I always feel the need to dress up really nicely, but that has not been the case for the past couple weeks. I am still obsessed with wearing flared jeans! If you are new to my blog (greetings new readers!), I am super in love with the flared jeans/pants trend since last season and I do have a few outfit post where I styled flared jeans if you want to check it out! =)



I have some tips for you on how to wear basics, while still maintaining an effortlessly chic look at the same time. First of all when wearing basics, always remember to accessorize. It could be wearing a scarf or a nice hat, adding some statement jewelry (like I did), a belt, or carrying a nice purse for a pop of color. There are so many ways to incorporate accessories to a basic outfit. Doing this will take your outfit to the next level and you won’t look as “plain”. Secondly, match your basic pieces with your non basics. What I mean by this is, for example, if you have a fun pink skirt, or a lacey blue top, that these pieces would go well when you pair it with a basic white shirt with the pink skirt, or a basic black pants or black jeans with the lacey blue top. It’s all about balance and this tip always works!



I hope you enjoy my little style tip and thanks for reading!XOXO ❤


TOP: H&M basic black tee (similar ones here, here)

BOTTOMS: Abercrombie high waist jeans*last season* (here and here)

HEELS: Black strappy sandals *old* (love this style here, here,)

ACCESSORIES: Necklace and rings are super old but similar here. Bag from Old Navy.


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