One of the most valuable things I learned when it comes to blogging is to ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS back up all of your photos and blogging materials. I had to learn this the hard way, because earlier this week, my laptop crashed and fried itself. You know that expression you make when you turn on your laptop, and the blue screen comes up? Your eyes go super wide and you start entering keys on the keyboard and kept pressing the power button, hoping for some miracle that your laptop will work as per normal again, but that stupid blue screen kept showing, and in the end you burst out crying tears of unfathomable sadness.

Unfortunately, there was no way to salvage it. Even though the laptop is fairly new, I’ve always had some trouble with the hard drive. It’s just been slow and a bit of a trouble-maker. I did back some of my stuff up, but not in over a year. That’s all gone. 😦

The computer is still good, or all the parts of it that didn’t fry are. So, I just bought a new (hopefully better) internal hard drive.  My husband installed it and downloaded Ubuntu (no more Windows for me … at least, unless I don’t like Ubuntu). And now I’ve learned my lesson.

The silly thing about all this is that we have two (that’s right, two) back-up external hard drives. My paranoid husband was afraid that something might happen to the first back-up, so he got a second, to ensure that we didn’t lose anything. Silly husband, that could never happen. Ha! The joke was on me. All those hours spent on editing and taking pictures are all gone.

So lesson learned, I will back up all of my photos and blogging content starting right now and will do it diligently. And to make sure I actually do it, I have the external hard drive sitting on my desk, next to the laptop so I won’t forget. At least I will have my photos now if ever my computer decided to poop itself again!

Lot’s of love!XOXO ❤