Loreal Infallible Pro-Glow Review


Oh hey! A makeup review, finally! I know I used to be on my A-game with makeup reviews when I first started blogging, but I really do not know what happened this year. I realized that I focused more on the fashion aspect of my blog, and sort of neglect the beauty portion. My bad! 😦

Even though I do makeup looks on my blog, and share my monthly beauty favorites, I should be doing a lot more product reviews for you guys, because everyone needs to know what the other person thinks about a certain product before they go out and buy it, right? So, what better way than to have me as your guinea pig! Haha!

Today’s product review is going to be on the new Loreal Infallible Pro-Glow foundation. I was really excited about this when Loreal announced that they are coming out with the Pro-Glow version of the Pro-Matte. I have really, really, super dry skin. My skin is super dry that if I do not moisturize right away, my skin feels taut and all the dry patches on my face will start showing. It’s a constant struggle whenever I apply foundation, but I’m dealing with it.

Anyway, I love the pro-matte version of this foundation. No, I am not crazy for wearing a matte foundation despite my dry skin. The matte version gives a flawless, airbrush finish, and will make your skin look so darn good in photos! So when the non matte version came out, I knew that I NEED to try it out, since it is cater to people with dryer skin.

Here are my thoughts on the Loreal Pro-Glow Foundation:

  1. First impression of the product when I first saw it was that it looked smaller than the other one, even though both are 1.0 floz. It is a medium coverage foundation, and you can definitely build it up to get the coverage you want. I personally love medium coverage foundations, because it is less cakey than full coverage foundations.
  2. This foundation has a good selection of shades (12 shades), and it was easy to pick out my right shade.
  3. I love that this foundation feels so lightweight. It feels like I do not have any foundation on.
  4. It definitely is a glowy/dewy finish, but not the kind of dewy finish I would like. It’s very subtle. If I were to choose a similar finish from other Loreal foundations, I pick the Loreal True Match Lumi, because it is very luminous and it makes your skin look naturally healthy.
  5. It’s long lasting. I wore it for about 8 hours while running errands and cleaning. The only part that got a bit of shine is my forehead and around the nose, but on the rest of my face, the makeup looked untouched.
  6. I love that it blends beautifully. I tried it with a makeup brush, and a makeup sponge, and I prefer the makeup sponge because it gives a more dewy look.
  7. The foundation looks beautiful with or without wearing a face primer.
  8. It has a very watery consistency as compared to the matte version.
  9. It has SPF in it (SPF15) where as the matte version doesn’t. I usually would mind SPF in foundations because it creates a white cast in photos with flash, but since it’s a low one, I don’t really mind it as much.
  10. It is on the pricey side for a drugstore foundation ($12.99), but this foundation is definitely worth checking out.


Bottom line: I really do like this foundation, and would recommend this to women who has dry skin, or anyone who likes dewy or glowy finish foundations. If you’re afraid that it will make you look like a grease ball, try setting it with a translucent powder on areas where you normally would get oily.


Thanks for taking some time to read my blog. Till next time!XOXO ❤



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