Holiday Glam | Affordable Makeup Look


Happy Thanksgiving Eve Beauties!

The holiday season is here! I am so excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow. It is our favorite holiday in this household, mainly because we love some cornbread dressing! That’s probably our favorite part of Thanksgiving, the food and the cherry cheesecake that I’ll be making as our dessert. Since my husband is not a big fan of turkey, we started our own tradition and have been cooking duck, and it’s soo good! Better than turkey in my opinion.

What I love about the holidays is that we get to make our own family traditions and pass it down to our kids so they could pass it down to their kids, and the chain continues on while making their own small traditions with their family. Being in an interracial marriage, my future kids would get to celebrate all sorts of holidays and I’m excited for that.

For today’s post, it’s going to be a holiday makeup look using affordable products from the drugstore and online brands. This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but I was too busy doing last minute errands, and didn’t have time to edit and put it up, so here it is. This is a sparkly rose gold makeup look, but from the pictures it look more like copper than rose gold. In this post, I also showed two lip options with the eye look; a bold burgundy lip and the classic nude lip. You’ll see that both lip options work with the look, so it all depends on the mood you’re into that day.



Here are the steps:

  1. Prime eyelids. I used a concealer to prime my eyelids since I don’t own any drusgtore eye primer. Set the concealer with loose powder.
  2. For crease color, I used MUG Creme Brulee with a large fluffy brush and apply it all over the crease. It’s fine if you get some color on your lids.
  3. To deepened up the crease, using a more denser and tapered blending brush, I used MUG Frappe and concentrate most of the color on the crease, while blending it upwards. With the same brush I used for Creme Brulee, without any additional product, blend both colors until no harsh line.
  4. With a smaller blending brush, I used MUG Bitten, a burgundy matte shade, and apply the color to the outer and inner “v”of my eyes, creating a “halo” effect. Keep applying and blending till you get your desired effect, and no harsh line is visible.
  5. For the center of my lids, I used Colourpop Shadow in the shade Sequins (discontinued, but similar shade here). It’s a rose gold shade with glitters in it. The color is best applied with your fingers to get the maximum effect of the eyeshadow.
  6. With the same brush I used for Bitten, I dipped a little bit more of color and darkened up the “halo”. Don’t be afraid to add more of Sequins if you really want a lot of sparkle.
  7. Apply eyeliner and tons of mascara to complete the eye look. At this point, you could also add false lashes too if you want.

For the rest of the face:






I hope you like this makeup look! I apologized about some of the products being discontinued which I am not aware of, but I did link to similar shades that you could recreate from.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and remember that we should always be thankful every single day, and it’s the little things in life that matters the most!XOXO ❤


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