Holiday Glam | Brown Smokey Eyes


Happy Friday Eve!

I have another holiday inspired makeup look for you today. This look was actually inspired by Eman Makeup on Youtube. I was watching some of her latest videos and she did a super dark brown smoky eye and I really love it. I got inspired right after watching it, and decided to do my own version of her brown smoky eye. Since I was going for the brown look, I decided to pair this eye look with a brownish nude lip, and I love how this makeup look turned out.

I apologized for the darkness, because I can’t get the light setting right, since it was gray and gloomy for the past few days. Anyhoo, for this look I used the Tartiest Pro Amazonian Clay Palette and let me tell you, it’s quickly becoming my favorite palette! The colors are so buttery smooth and very, very pigmented. I’ve always like Tarte’s eye shadows for this very reason. The palette itself look really good. I love the black/gold on it and looks really fancy.


On to the makeup now. I only used three shades from the palette, and used 2 colors from Colourpo; Mooning and Fringe for that holiday sparkle.


Here’s how:

  1. Prime your eyelids as always. It’s important if you want your shadows to last all night. I used a translucent powder to set my eye primer. You would want to do this if you feel that your primer is sticky.
  2. From the Tarte Pro palette, I used the shade Bold as my transition color. I used a big fluffy brush to spread the colors all over the crease and a little bit over the crease.
  3. Next, using the shade Edgy from the palette, with a denser crease brush apply the color just in the crease to darken the crease up. You can keep applying the crease color until you get the intensity you wanted.
  4. With a synthetic shader brush, dip the brush into the shade Smoked, and this will be your lid color. Apply it all over the lid. It’s okay if you go past above your lid a bit, because we’re gonna blend it.
  5. Back with the crease brush, pick up some of that Edgy shade and blend out the lid color with it. You can keep applying the lid color until you get the intensity and look you want.
  6. This step is not necessary, but if you want to you could add any sparkly eyeshadow just on the center of the lid to make it pop. I used Colourpop’s Mooning eye shadow. It’s a dark brown shade with gold sparkles in it. Any metallic shades with sparkles on it would look great too.
  7. For my inner corners, I used Colourpop Fringe for more sparkle.
  8. This step you could apply your falsies, liner and mascara. I just loaded on tons of mascara and no liner.
  9. For my lower lash line, I added a brown eyeliner (Jordanna brown eyeliner) and use the crease shade Edgy to smoke it out.
  10. And the eyes are done!

For the rest of the look:



  • Loreal Brow Stylist (brunette)
  • Loreal Brow Stylist plumpler gel (dark)




I hope you like this makeup look! I though I’d do something different than my usual metallics that I always do! Do you guys have this Tarte palette? I’d love to hear what you think of it! And I will do a thorough review of this palette after I play with it enough times.

As always, thanks for reading everyone!XOXO ❤


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