Holiday Ready with Jord Wood Watches



Guys, can you believe that we are a week away from Christmas, and less than 14 days until the end of the year?! I still can’t grasp on the fact that we are almost at the end of 2016! Don’t you feel like time is passing by rather quickly lately? I know I do, and I have not even prepare my new year’s resolution yet. Haha.

One thing that I’m already prepared for is Christmas gifts. Speaking of which, have you done all your shopping yet? I am so, so glad that I have checked that off my to-do list, and now I’m half stressed free. But, if you’re still searching for that perfect gift for a special someone, a classic timepiece always gets the job done.

Recently, I have the pleasure of working with JORD Wood Watches. I was very excited when they approached me, because one of the many things I love most (other than makeup and shoes) are great, classic timepieces.

If you have not heard of JORD Wood Watches, it was founded in 2013 and their aim was to create true designer watches from natural wood from around the world. Their timepieces are modeled after a modern lifestyle and they offer a wide range of men’s watches and women’s watches.


When I first opened the package, there was a solid wooden box where the watch came in. The wooden box itself looks pretty well made and felt really sturdy too, and the one thing I like about it compared to other watch boxes is that it is magnetic, so even when you turned it over, the contents will not spill out. I thought that was pretty cool and unique.


Now, on to the watch! I actually encountered some issues with the watch, and I want to be really honest in my reviews for my readers.

The watch I got is the Ebony and Gold from the Frankie Series. I was very impressed by how well made it is just by looking at it the first time. It feels really light in the hands and looks like it would be really sturdy. I love the black stained wood finishes and the gold detailing on it very much, and it looks really classy and stylish.

Even though, I already have them resized my watch, it was still really loose on me. So I decided to remove a link or two by myself, and the result was disastrous. I didn’t realize that the links are made from a few different parts and are hold by a few different pins. I broke one of the parts and thought that my watch could not be fixed anymore. I emailed them, and they suggest to go to a professional since they have the right tools for it, and they eventually did fix my watch.

FAIR WARNING: DO NOT try to remove the links yourself, because the links are really fragile!




Overall, their watches are really nice and unique, AND they make great gifts too! I am really happy with the one I got, even after that incident. I could see myself reaching for this timepiece a lot and because of it’s classic and simplicity look of it, it definitely would go well with all of my outfits.



SKIRT: Whistle and Wild

WATCH: JORD Wood Watches

If you would like to see more pictures of the watches they offer, I’ve created a Pinterest Board with all of my top picks! Yes, these are some of my favorite pieces that they have on their site!

I hope you like this review, and let me know what you guys think! Thanks so much for reading!XOXO ❤

**This post is sponsored by JORD Wood Watches**

Luxury Wooden Watch


4 Replies to “Holiday Ready with Jord Wood Watches”

  1. Very elegant outfit. The a-line skirt looks so chic combined with the chunky knit.
    The watch finishes off the outfit very nicely. I checked their website and it’s such a shame that they don’t deliver to all corners of Europe.


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