Smokey Valentines Day Makeup Look



Happy Tuesday guys!!

Today’s beauty post is going to be my first Valentine’s Day makeup look. This makeup look is different from your traditional pinks and berry colors, instead I decided to create a super warm look, with warm browns and gold-ish tones, and a hint of purple, although you can’t really tell from the photos.

For this  look, I used the Tarte Pro Amazonian Palette. I love all the matte shadows in the palette, and these shadows are so buttery soft and blend so well. I think this palette is only available at Ulta. If you ever come across one, you should swatch it and feel how smooth these shadows are.. seriously!! Haha!




Here are the steps:

  1. Prime your eyelids so that your shadow would last all day/night long and will make the colors more vibrant when you apply it.
  2. For transition shades, I mix the color Innocent and Chic using a large fluffy brush (Sigma E40) and apply it all over the crease area. It’s okay if you get some color onto the lids for now. Keep on blending and adding more color until I get the intensity that I wanted.
  3. For my crease area, with a tapered and dense crease brush (Sigma E35) , I used the shade Edgy, a medium tone brown and apply it just on the outer crease and bring the color halfway in your eye socket. Going back to the large fluffy brush we used earlier, blend any harsh lines from the crease color.
  4. Using the same brush you used for the crease color, dip it into Mod and Drama and layer the colors on top of Edgy, just on the outer crease and bring it half way in as well.
  5. Blend all the colors on the outer crease together with a clean blending brush until there’s no more visible harsh lines.
  6. For the lid color, using a synthetic shader brush (Sigma E58), I used the shade Glam and apply it all over the lid, as well onto the inner corners of the eyes.
  7. Using the same dense crease brush, blend the area where the shadows meet ( lid to outer crease area) until those colors blend seamlessly.
  8. With a smaller blending brush or a pencil brush (Sigma E45), dip the brush into Smoked, and darken the outer V just a tiny bit for a more smokier effect.
  9. For the lower lash line, I used a black eye liner pencil on the water line and smoked it out using the shade Smoked and Drama.
  10. Apply your favorite liner and mascara to your upper and lower lashes, and also false lashes if you do wear falsies to complete this eye makeup.


For the rest of the face:




  • Colourpop lip pencil in Button to outline my lips (any nude lip liner will do)
  • Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick in Nude
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills lipgloss in Butter Scotch


I hope you like this dramatic, smokey eye look. I wanted to experiment with different colors even though it’s not your typical pinks and reds. I want to add more variety for all of you, if you are looking for something different. My next Vday makeup look is going to be a soft less dramatic look but still perfect for Valentine’s Day, and probably would be perfect as a day to day makeup look as well, so make sure to check back on my site!

As always, thank you for stopping by and see you in my next one!XOXO ❤

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