5 Minutes Smokey Eye


Hello Monday everyone!

You’ll probably am thinking why is there a post on Monday? Well guys, since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share with you another makeup look inspo for Vday. If you’re still thinking about what makeup look to wear on your date night, how about you give this 5 minutes smokey eye look a go. It is really easy and you could even wear this look out during the daytime.

Oh by the way guys, this look is in collaboration with a beautiful blogger friend of mine, Lei from Petite Sole. I did a guest post Valentine’s Day style inspiration over on her blog. Would love for you to check it out, and tell her I send you there! 😉

Let’s get onto the makeup look shall we? I did a step by step pictorial for this look, so let me know in the comment section if you want to see more of this!


Step 1


Before you start doing your eye makeup, remember to prime your eyelids so your shadow would last and appear more vibrant. I used the Urban Decay Original Primer Potion. After that, using any brown eye liner pencil, apply  it all over the lids. Does not matter if it’s not perfect, because we’ll gonna be blending it out.

Step 2


Using your index finger or a synthetic brush, smudge the liner out until well blended.  The reason we use a liner or any cream product is because this will be the base for the eye shadow that will be putting on top of it.

Step 3


Using any dark brown eyeshadow, layer the shadow on top of the base that we just blend out. When applying the shadow, remember to pack the color on instead of sweeping it that way you will have less fall out, and your shadow will appear darker and pigmented.

Step 4


Using a blending brush, dip your brush into the dark brown shadow you used on your lid and start blending the edges out. Using a wind shield wiper motion, from outer crease to inner crease while blending the color upwards. This will create that sexy smokey eye effect that everyone loves.

Step 5


Repeat the exact same steps for the lower lash line as well. Apply liner, blend, apply shadow, blend.


Step 6


When all the blending is done, apply a shimmery shade to the inner corners to bring out the eyes. This will bring more attention to the eyes and your eyes will appear bigger. At this point, you can apply your mascara and falsies to the upper and lower lashes. And that completes this makeup look!


So does it really takes 5 minutes for you to do this look? It sure was for me, except that I have to pause in between steps to take pictures, but when I’m not taking pictures this does take 5 minutes! Super easy, and really sexy and sultry too!


I hope you like this makeup look and tutorial! Let me know if you tried it, and I will have another makeup look for you tomorrow! Have a great one loves!!XOXO ❤




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