Shape Matters with Thirdlove

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To all my ladies out there, do you have fit issues? You’re probably wondering what the heck I am talking here. But, serious question though, have you ever felt like ripping your bra right off as soon as you come home from a long day? One of the main reasons a lot of us (including me) are doing this exact thing is because we do not feel comfortable in our bras. Even when in public, I feel like just taking it off because it is so darn uncomfortable. #girlproblems

Did you know that studies have shown that most women wear the wrong size bra? Let’s be real here, I thought I was a size 34B most of my adulthood. When I went to get new bras last year, I had to be remeasured and I actually went down a cup size. I didn’t know that your breast size changes constantly and that’s why my bras always do not fit right, and I usually have ton of room at the top which looks and feel funny. This problem is called “cup gaping”, and I have to deal with this issue all the time because I do not have a right fitting bra. Here are more common fit issues that majority of women are facing.

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It is so important for us women to find the right bra size and fit, because it could cause serious health issues like neck pains and backaches in the long run. A good fitted bra should support the ladies from underneath and not the shoulder straps. If you’re getting support from your shoulder straps, you could put pressure on your shoulders and that’s what cause your neck and back pains. In some cases, you could even get headaches. Just like body figures, women’s breast comes in all shapes and sizes, that’s why it is important to find the right fit, similar to finding the right pair of jeans to fit your figure. It makes so much sense right?

Speaking of breast sizes, this chart right here helps you to determine your breast shape, that way you get to pick the right fitting bra for your shape and size. I didn’t even know that there are different breast shapes and that your breast shapes ensures you find the right bra and fit for your ladies.


I love how Thirdlove categorizes their bras for different breast shapes, that way you can conveniently shop their bras by clicking on the bra shape category you’re in. Click this link here to see what I mean.

I’ve never had a bra from them before, but now I totally need to revamp my bra collection after looking at the breast shape chart. Their bras are lightweight, and their memory foam cups reform after every wash, AND no poke wires!! I hate it when the wires start sticking out and how uncomfortable that could get. They have some really cute bras on their website and I already picked some of my favorites that I’m gonna purchase.

To all my lovely readers, Thirdlove was kind enough to share a coupon code with me and you, that way we can save some money off when purchasing their bras. Use code “BRABLEMSTL15FEB” at checkout.

I hope you like this blog post. It’s very different from my usual posts, but I want to include more lifestyle posts like this one and give you guys more variety. Thank you Thirdlove for partnering with me on this post, and thank you all so much reading!XOXO ❤


One Reply to “Shape Matters with Thirdlove”

  1. Finding with the right bra shape and size is so important. I’ll need to get fitted again after my pregnancy, because things have definitely changed.
    I’ll have a look at Thirdlove when the time comes 😉


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