My Eyebrow Routine & How To Achieve Natural Looking Brows


Hi everyone!

Whoa, it’s been awhile since I write a blog post, hasn’t it? Well, I am going to do a life update post soon later this week. There’s been tons of changes and exciting things happening in my life right now which I can’t wait to share with all of you. So stay tuned for that post.

 Today’s post is going to be my Tuesday’s beauty post (supposed to went up last night, but I fell asleep and didn’t finish writing it. Oops!),  and as you can tell by the title of this post, we’re gonna be talking about eyebrows. I started doing freelance makeup, and the number one question I get asked all the time is “How do you do eyebrows?” or “Can you teach me how to do my eyebrows?”. They said that the eyebrows frames the face, and if you have neatly groomed brows, it could enhance your features and improved overall appearance which I totally agree.

I am gonna show you a step by step pictorial on how I do my brows, and make them look natural and I’m gonna include some tips too along the way. So get your pen and paper ready! (Just kidding)


Here are the products I use to do my brows. I use these products interchangeably depending on my mood, but all the ones I showed here are my favorites drugstore and high end. I prefer eyebrow pencils that are dual ended, where one end is a spoolie and the other end is the actual pencil, which is great because it makes filling your brows really easy.


So these are my brows before I fill them in. As you can see, it’s quite thin and sparse due to years of over plucking! It happens! Haha! Even when I try to let it grow out, there haven’t been any progress.



So before I start filling my brows, I always use the spoolie end to smooth out my brows. For today’s tutorial, I am using the Loreal Brow Stylist Definer  in Brunette. This brow pencil is comparable to the ABH Brow Wiz, and it is definitely way more affordable. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a wide range of colors. Another similar option would be the NYX Micro Brow Pencil.  It has a huge color selection and it’s under $10.



I start by lining the bottom of my brow, from the middle of the brow till the tail of the brow. You can extend how long you want your tail to be by just drawing the “tail line” longer or shorter. I usually extend mine just a tiny bit pass where my natural brow stops.


With a really light hand, starting in the middle continue to draw the bottom line till the front of your eyebrows and stop right there. It’s okay, if you barely have any pencil lining at the front, because that’s what makes it look natural. If you went with a heavy hand, use the spoolie and just brush the product off a tiny bit.



On to the tail. Draw a line from where your arch is, downwards towards the tail and connect it to the line you drew at the bottom. Every eyebrow has a natural arch, but if you don’t have one you could estimate where you want your arch to be. Usually it’s about half and inch from the tail end to the arch. Or, using a pencil or a eyeshadow brush, place the brush on the side of your nose, and tilt the brush diagonally. The brush handle should rest in the middle of your eyebrow and on your brow and that is where your natural arch should be. Using a brown liner, make a point so you know to connect the tail to the arch. I usually just estimate my arch, because I know where my natural arch is and just play around with it. You can check this diagram here for reference.


For my arch, I usually start from the middle top of my brow and drew a soft curve connecting it to the tail. See how I used a really light hand, that way you can control how thick or natural you want it to look. I even drag the line a little bit in just so I have a precise brow shape.




Once I have my eyebrow shape, I filled it in with the pencil lightly, but focused the product more in the middle and tail of the brow. If you filled it in with a heavy hand, don’t worry just brush some of the product off with the spoolie.




Now that we have the shape, and semi filled in brows, the trick to your brows looking natural is to top it off with a brow powder. If you do not have a brow powder, any brown eyeshadow will do the trick as well. I am using this brow duo from ABH, and used the darker shade to fill in the inner corners of my brows, and all the way till my mid brow.



Once you have it all filled in, I always go back to the spoolie and brush my brows once through to get rid of excess product and make sure that everything looks smooth.


And one side of our brows are done. Complete the other side using the exact same steps.



Lastly, you want your brows to last all day long so don’t forget to set your eyebrows using a clear brow gel or a tinted brow gel like the one I’m using. I use the Loreal Brow Stylist Plumper Brow Gel  in Dark.


This is the finished look. You could tell that I do go a little bit above my natural brow, but not so much that it looks super drawn on. It’s still look natural and neatly filled in. I don’t use a concealer to “carve” out under my brows or the top of my brows at all because it’s not a necessary step for me. But if I do make a mistake, I just use a q-tip or a clean concealer brush and wipe it off.

I hope this was useful!! Now that I’m slowly gaining my energy back, I will try to be as consistent like I was before, and write 2 post a week.

Thank you so much for reading guys, and I’ll see you in my next one!XOXO ❤


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