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Happy Monday!

Special bonus post!! I usually do not post on Mondays, but since I promise a life update post, here it is!! If you don’t follow me on Instagram (you definitely should), you probably didn’t know the news yet, but I did a special announcement on my social media platforms. I left some subtle hints on my blog posts too if you haven’t noticed. Still can’t guess yet?

Well, my husband and I are really excited to share that we’re expecting!!! Yes, and we couldn’t be more happier and feel so blessed. This was also the reason why I wasn’t as active for the past two months on my blog, because I was still in my 1st trimester and I do not have any energy to do anything. I do feel shitty about not posting  for a long time, but when you’re body is in overdrive and all you want to do is nap and rest,  you listen to what your body wants you to do. Haha!

2017-03-16 02.38.27 1

This week is my 15th week of pregnancy, and I am really happy that we’re in the 2nd trimester now. Not that my 1st trimester was horrible, I just do not like being nauseated and feel lacked of energy the entire time. Oh, not to mention the only food I was able to eat are crackers, ramen, eggs, and anything with beef in it. Chicken was a major no-no for me because the sight and smell of chicken just turns my stomach, which is sad since chicken makes up majority of our meals. Towards the end of my 1st trimester I started getting my appetite back, and I crave fried chicken ALL THE TIME!! And still am by the way, as long as it’s super crispy and I could have that almost every single day. Other than fried chicken being my favorite food right now, I love steaks! I could eat steaks everyday too, but that would get really expensive. Heh!

At 15 weeks, our little peanut is about the size of an avocado. Even though it’s still pretty small, it’s crazy how fast the little one grows inside of you in just a few weeks. To think that it was a size of brussel sprout a few weeks back, it’s just amazing how life works.

Oh did I mention when the baby is due? Our baby will be due on October 1st, so that means tons of flowy tops and summer dresses for me to wear during this pregnancy, and I ain’t complaining! 😉 Now that I have my energy back and hormones under control, I’m back to posting again. I don’t think there will be any change here on the blog, but if there are I will be sure to update you guys on that as well. I am not sure if I should do like pregnancy update post, since this is also a lifestyle blog. If I do, I think I will do a post every Monday. Let me know what your thoughts are about this special posting.


Thank you guys so much for your patience on this post. Be sure to come back tomorrow because I have a spring time makeup look for you! Don’t forget to follow me on my social media accounts, because that’s where I usually do updates and show belly bump pictures too. As always thanks for reading lovelies!!XOXO ❤


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