Summer Styling with Warby Parker Sunglasses

Hi everyone!

Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend, and have something fun planned out! We smoked some beef ribs on Saturday and that turned out so amazing, and today is just a chill day for us, running errands to Target and anticipating the second episode of Game of Thrones tonight! Is anyone else obsessed with that show? Haha!

On today’s post, I’m gonna share with you some easy summer styling inspirations featuring Warby Parker sunglasses that I picked out. What I like about this company is that, you get to do home try ons before you decided on the sunglasses you want to purchase. There’s a “home try on” section when you go to their website. You get to pick 5 sunglasses, and you get to test them out for 5 days. Once your 5 day trial is over, you have to ship it back to them using the free shipping slip they provided in the box for you. Kinda cool right? Within those 5 days, you get to make a decision if any of the glasses you picked out work for you, and if it does you could make a purchase directly on their website.

Here are the glasses that I picked out:

  1.  Addie Sunglasses


I love the super modern style of this sunglasses. If you’re a big fan of wayferers, this design is more streamline and stylish. I personally love the rimless lens also, and the tortoise design is always a classic favorite of mine! This pair is perfect for a beach vacation just because it’s a modern take on a classic style.

beach vacation

2. Dorothy Sunglasses


This is so Breakfast at Tiffanys! Don’t you think? Haha! I love the cat eye design and I think it’s so femine and chic. Definitely city chic appropriate like a weekend brunch at your favorite cafe.

weekend brunch

Those are my style inspo based on their sunglasses. If you’re someone who loves sunglasses, you should definitely check their site because they have amazing styles and options.

Thanks for reading and see you on my next post!!XOXO ❤


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