10 Minute No Foundation Makeup Routine



Happy Friday!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share a quick makeup routine that has been my go to ever since Natasha was born. These days, putting on a full face of makeup or even a tiny bit of makeup is a luxury. I remember during the early days where putting on makeup was not even an option for me even though I looked dead tired. Now that she is a little bit older and is somewhat on a regular schedule, I get to beautify myself (when I choose to) during her morning nap time! Yay!!

My go to makeup look lately has been really simple and it only takes 10 minutes! This makeup look is perfect for us busy moms or anyone really who wants to look fresh and pulled together without too much effort, or pressed for time. Did I mentioned that I did not use any foundation? I actually really like not wearing foundations because even when I do have some makeup on, my skin still gets a breather.


All you need to achieve a fresh face look are:

  1. Start with a good moisturizer and moisturize your face first before you put anything else on your face.
  2. While waiting for your moisturizer to sink into the skin, apply some (or a lot) of mascara to your lashes.
  3. Fill in your eyebrows lightly with a brow pencil or brow powder and set with a clear brow gel.
  4. By now, your skin already absorbs most of your moisturizer. With your favorite concealer, apply it on areas under the eyes, around your nose and mouth and maybe in between your brows because these are the areas where you get some redness, and of course you gotta conceal them dark circles too!
  5. Apply translucent powder, or loose powder on areas where you apply concealer to set it.
  6. Don’t forget bronzer to give some color to your face. This is a MUST for me since I look rather pale these days because you know, we’re still having winter weather on most days! Gahh!
  7. I like to apply some blush on my cheeks as well.
  8. I load up on my highlighters for that glow! Mainly on the high points of my cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose.
  9. Use some setting spray to set all that goodness in!
  10. Last of all, I’ll apply some tinted lip balm or gloss and depending on my mood I would sometimes go for a neutral lipstick color!

And there you have it! I could do all of these in 10 minutes! It’s really fast and easy and you won’t look like a zombie anymore, I promise! =)


I hope you all find this helpful! Especially to all the new mommies, the struggle to keep yourself look fairly decent is real! I know it, I’ve been through it but just know that everything will get eassier!

Thanks for reading everyone!XOXO ❤





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