Hello everyone!

My name is Salihah but everyone calls me “Liha” for short. Welcome to my humble little corner of the virtual world of social media and blogging where I share my passion for all things beauty and fashion, with a bit of my daily real life moments!

Before I started blogging, I was working my dream job as a flight attendant. I only stayed for 10 months before I decided to move halfway across the world with my husband. I became a housewife (and still am of course) and had tons of free time where I spent countless hours watching Youtube tutorials and binge watching Netflix that I literally feel like I didn’t have a life, nor did I have any friends either. Instagram made me want to start up my blog. I love looking at what people are wearing and love all the outfit of the day “OOTD” pics that these Insta girls are posting and I thought “Hey, I can do that too!”. I feel like I have a decent sense of style and I actually love styling outfits and share what I wear and I get my inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. As for beauty, it became a part of me because of the nature of my old job. I went through trainings and learned how to take care of my skin and apply makeup and from then on I was obsessed with everything beauty. I’m starting a journey to be a freelance makeup artist too. I’ve done a couple of bridal makeup and also did makeup for a blogger friend for her photoshoot and now I’m hooked and would love to do more makeup gigs! =)

I am also a new Mommy to my beautiful baby girl Natasha, and I want to share my motherhood journey here on the blog as well.

This is why I started my blog, because I love sharing and love getting inspirations and feeling inspired by people with similar interest. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog. ❤


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