Tip Tuesday: DIY Homemade Hair Mask

Hey Ya’ll!

Today’s Tip Tuesday, I’ll be sharing with you 2 simple DIY homemade hair masks that you can try at home. What prompted me to do this post was because of my hair. I noticed that my hair is getting pretty dull, and the ends are very dry and brittle from the long hours spending in the pool and also from me bleaching my hair numerous times which makes it so unhealthy.

Here are two easy homemade hair masks I’ve tried and these hair masks are going to work well too for the winter months.

1) Coconut Oil


You guess it! Yes, coconut oil is one of the easiest and simple hair mask to do at home. This jar of goodness is an excellent deep conditioner for your hair. Continue reading “Tip Tuesday: DIY Homemade Hair Mask”


Travel Diary: Singapore (Part 3)









IMG-20140811-WA0010 [Last two pictures taken from 2014]

Whenever I go back to Singapore, I would make it a point to meet up with as many of my closest girlfriends as possible. Since we only see each other yearly or sometimes even two years, it is always refreshing to sit down, have a good meal together and talk about everything and anything under the sun, and continue some more while shopping and grabbing some frozen yogurts for desserts, or even sit at Starbucks and continue to talk or possibly gossip for hours. That’s how we usually do it 🙂 I am so thankful and blessed to have such good friends, who are understanding, caring, and compassionate towards one another, and you are not afraid to be yourself while being around them. True friendship lasts forever. ❤


Tip Tuesday: How to Remove Grease Stains on Clothes

Hi everyone!

On this week’s tip Tuesday, I want to share with you a quick tip that my Mom taught me, and that is how to remove grease stains on your clothes. How many of us have had our clothes ruined because of grease stains from eating greasy food, accidentally spilling food on your shirt (my husband tends to do that all the time), or oil splatters while cooking, especially if it gets on a favorite and expensive piece of clothing? Majority of us have I bet. It happens all the time and my grease stains shirts will never see the light of day ever again. Continue reading “Tip Tuesday: How to Remove Grease Stains on Clothes”

Travel Diary: Singapore (Part 1)

Celebrating Eid-Al-Fitr Day 1.













DSC01749 [Dress by Moon Collections SG]

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope your weekend is going well so far. As you all know, I was away for over a week, because I was in Singapore to visit my family and also to celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr. It is a Muslim holiday, where every Muslim around the world celebrate this joyous occasion after completing the holy month of Ramadan. It was nice seeing my cousins, nieces and nephews whom I only get to see yearly. I managed to do some catching up with old friends too which is always fun. Now that I am back, I’m starting to miss my family a little and hopefully, it will be their turn to come and visit me here in the states. 🙂

So, this is only part 1 of my travel diary from my trip to Singapore. I am going to break them down into parts because I took a lot of pictures and wanted to share them with you on my blog. That way, you get to see what I did during my time there. Stay tune for parts 2 and 3 of my travel diary.

Thanks for reading!XOXO

My Winter Skincare

Winter is one of my favorite seasons next to Spring, Summer and Autumn. Cozy oversized sweaters, sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate in my pjs is just perfection during the cold winter months. Even though I love the cold and the snow (although it hasn’t been snowing much in this area), my skin has been so super dry and blotchy which makes my makeup application look cakey and bleargh!

Here are some of my favorite skincare products to use in the winter months.

14897249 Continue reading “My Winter Skincare”