Flirty Fall Essentials with Adore Me

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Spring Pastels – By Adam King

Hi guys!

I have a very special post to share with you today. Today’s blog post is a guest post from Adam King, a Retail Merchandising student at Syracuse University  who is currently taking a digital fashion course. He has written an article about this season’s spring fashion accessories, and would love it for me to share it with my readers. =) Continue reading “Spring Pastels – By Adam King”

Fairytale Dresses

Most girls love playing dress up when they were little, and even at a young age we already started planning how and what our dream wedding dress would be like for our big day. Wedding dresses are like the epitome of weddings. The moment you start walking down the aisle, everyone is going to turn and look at you, and your dress would be the first thing that would catch their attention. You want a dress that would be the talk of the town, and bring back wonderful memories when you look back at it after 10 years. Weddings are one of the best times that could happen in one’s life. This is the day where you proclaim your vows and love to your one true love, an integration of two families, witness happiness, and just sharing the special day with your closest friends and family members. Continue reading “Fairytale Dresses”